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The State Team are excited to introduce you to the Sunflower Challenge, a focus on growing Guiding across Victoria in 2017 and beyond. Together, we will reach and include more Victorian girls in our terrific programs and share the fun and rewards of involvement in Guiding.

We invite every Unit in the State to participate so get your thinking hats on. Through The Challenge we will share ideas, add to the collection of provided resources and showcase Guiding across the State.

We are all charged with increasing unit membership by at least 3 during 2017. With a focus on both recruitment and retention, we all aim to end the year with more members than we began.  Imagine a Unit beginning with 8 girls, what fun they will have with an extra 3 or more members, an extra Patrol to enjoy all that Guiding offers! Even a Unit beginning with 25 can benefit from finishing the year with 28 or more girls.  If girls move on and leave Guiding during the year, replacing them will be a priority to keep your Unit growing.

The reality for Guides is that in Victoria there are 455,345 Guide aged girls. We currently have 4,263 Youth members in 372 Units across the State.  If each Unit grew their membership by 3 this year, we would have 1,116 extra girls enjoying Guiding and our membership would grow to 5,379.  If we keep up this rate for 5 years, just growing 3 a year in existing Units, in 2020 we’d have 9,843 Guides! How amazing for our organisation! Let’s make it happen!

This Challenge has been co-designed with input from girls across the State and they agree that more girls will make Guiding even better.  They had some fantastic ideas for how to grow their numbers.  We would like you to ask your girls for their ideas as to how they could complete the Sunflower Challenge.

We are looking forward to working on this with our Units and can’t wait to hear your stories and share our own. Please share what you’re doing across email and social media so we can inspire each other and celebrate success.  Please send in your State Team invitations throughout the year, we’d love to visit, play the game and see what you have achieved!

The Challenge is on!

Lynne, Star, Mandy and Sam

Participate in the Challenge

Register right here

  • Undertake 2 initiatives to involve others in your Unit
  • Undertake 2 initiatives to raise the profile of Guiding in your local area
  • Increase the membership of your Unit by at least 3 members by the end of the year
  • Let everyone know how your recruitment and retention adventures are going by sharing your stories on GGV social media.  You can post yourself or send your stories to GGV for posting.

Sunflower Sleepover

Units across Victoria are taking Guiding into their local communities and recruiting new members through the Sunflower Challenge. You can celebrate with us by holding a Sunflower Sleepover for Girl Guides in your local area!

How to get involved:
1. Talk to your Unit and add it to your term 3 program
2. Plan your sleepover as you usually would – book your hall, notify families, complete and submit your paperwork etc.
3. Register for the sleepover by 19th August on the Girl Guides Victoria website so you can connect with others across the state
4. Download the sunflower activity ideas pack and support your Guides to plan a sunflower inspired program and menu
5. On the sleepover weekend, connect with the State Team and other Units via Skype (details will be sent to you after you have registered) and have a great time Guiding together!

Click here to download the flyer  for more information and to share with your unit.

Sunflower Heroes

  • Each Unit will nominate youth and adult sunflower heroes, champions and coordinators.
  • Heroes will coordinate their Unit's recruitment and retention efforts
  • Adult sunflower heroes may be parents, unit helpers, leaders or other volunteers from the community with a passion or skill for raising the profile of guiding
  • Youth sunflower heroes may be one or more members

Ideas for Growing your Unit

  • Bring a friend meeting
  • Different and exciting program to attract new members and ensure retention of existing members
  • ‘Guide for a Day’ program
  • Keep Parents informed and utilise their expertise for activities
  • Come up with your own Unit ideas

Ideas for Sharing Guiding with your Community

  • Speech at school, in class or assembly and  / or wear your uniform to school on a special day such as ANZAC Day
  • Market or show stall
  • Display at your community event, in a shop window or on a community noticeboard
  • A ‘come and try’ activity in a local shopping centre
  • Or your own local ideas


Register right here



We are asking all Units to send in their ideas and templates to share with others. There are so many terrific things happening, let’s learn from each other and value the incredible work already happening to raise our profile.

Download the information on this page in a handy PDF for printing and distributing.

Send your ideas to the State Team


Involvement in the Sunflower Challenge links to many badges in our recognition system,  some being:

  • Triple treat
  • Action Guide
  • Friendship

Explore a Challenge

  • Service through JBP, BP and Queens Guide Awards
  • Design your own Create a Challenge
  • Other badges selected by the girls
Review the badges available and design your challenge.