Welcome to iGGi - the Girl Guides Victoria Social Media Platform

iGGi (short for 'I Girl Guide Interactive') was developed to provide a new experience in Guiding for all members, girls and adults.

iGGi provides a safe environment for our girls to learn about social media before being exposed to the internet at large. Girls and adults alike can communicate with each other around the State, share information and set up special interest groups.

Girls can undertake the AGP online and earn badges with access available any time, anywhere.

The platform provides games, opportunities to run competitions and create surveys to get opinions from girls and adults on a variety of different topics.

iGGi is available to all members of GGV. It is optional for girls who attend weekly meetings and available as an online-only option, which may appeal to girls who are unable to attend weekly meetings but would still like to have a Guiding experience.

Take a look at the iGGi info booklet

Go to the iGGi website