CashBooks Step One: Collect

For the a number of years we have been collecting information using the ‘CashBooks’ spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows for detailed recording of information required. Your auditor will need all of this information to review your accounts.

There are other ways of recording your information, which you are able to use. You can use spreadsheet tools like CashBooks or you can create your own. Or you can try using an online accounting system like Quickbooks or Xero.

The important thing is, that you arrange your information so that you are clear about what income you’ve received, when and from whom, and what money you’ve spent on what, when and who you paid.

At the end of the year, you’ll need to provide this information to your auditor and a summary of the information to GGV. See Step 2 for what’s needed.


There are lots of ways you can record your financial transactions. You can use our CashBooks spreadsheet, you can use an accounting software program, or you can use a paper-based manual system. The important bit is,
– record all the money you receive and all the things you spend money on
– make sure that your money in and your money out balances with your bank balance at the end of every month.

For every bank account you manage, you will need to make a separate report (see Step Three).

CashBooks spreadsheet:
This has already been set up for you, with all the different categories that you’ll need.

Download a spreadsheet to record information for the 2019 calendar year

Download a spreadsheet to record information for the 2020 calendar year

If you’d like to use an accounting software package (these attract fees), here are two that you might find easy to use:

Manual records:
You are also free to use a paper-based system. Here’s a document that you might like to use as a template that you can download and print out.

If you’d like some pointers on how to manage your cash, this is a really great site that has lots of free, useful information for you as well as other templates you might like to use.

There are other systems, both spreadsheet and accounting packages – feel free to explore or used a preferred package. Just so long as you collect the information required, you can use whatever system you prefer.


Go onto Step Two: Review your CashBooks

Or to Step Three: Report on your CashBooks



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