Child Safe Child Friendly Framework

Since early 2017, Girl Guides Victoria (GGV) has been working to ensure our continued compliance with best practice in Child Safety.

The GGA Child Safe Child Friendly (CSCF) Framework aims to provide a framework which GGV volunteers (directors, leaders, members, & helpers associated with GGV) and employees can utilise to foster a culture of child safety throughout the organisation, characterised by openness, awareness and learning. It is designed to signal GGV’s zero tolerance approach to child abuse, and embed measures that protect children from harm.

The Framework also sets out the organisation’s commitment and approach to robustly respond to child safety concerns, as well as minimising risk of harm to children.

GGV has a commitment to empowering children as active participants in the organisation, with an important role in establishing a culture of child safety. The approach to this is included in the Framework. And finally, the Framework has been implemented to ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities with respect to child safety.

You Can Access the Child Safe Framework HERE.


For Youth Members:

You have the right to be safe.

  • Our staff and volunteers should support and protect you
  • People around you should not do anything that scares you or feels wrong
  • We listen to what you tell us
  • We take action to keep you safe
  • We want you to tell us how things could be better
  • We support you to enjoy your culture

If you are concerned about child safety or wellbeing, contact one of these organisations:

If anyone is concerned about a child or young person’s immediate safety they should contact 000.

If you are a youth member you can use the ‘Tell us what you are worried about” form found here, and forward it to

For Adults in Guiding 

(Including all ongoing and casual volunteers as well as staff)

Every child has a right to be safe.

  • GGV is committed to child safety (people 18 years and under)
  • We don’t accept any sort of mistreatment to children
  • We have systems and processes to keep children safe
  • Our staff and volunteers are safe to work with children
  • Our staff and volunteers have the skills and knowledge to keep children safe
  • We listen to what children tell us and take action
  • We support children to enjoy their culture
  • Children have the right to be safe online, at home, at school and in the community
  • We empower children to be who they want to be
  • We have a strong commitment to children’s privacy
  • We help all children to speak up if they have concerns

All Adult Members, Volunteers and Employees, regardless of whether they are mandated in Victoria, must report any concerns regarding the abuse or neglect of a child or young person as if they were a mandated reporter.

This means it is the responsibility of all Adults in Guiding to make a report to the police and/or relevant statutory child protection agency, as well as the CEO of Girl Guides Victoria.

Find out more about reporting a Child Safe incident or concern HERE.

Remember, if a child is in immediate danger, please call 000 immediately.

A report must also be made to the GGV CEO as part of the requirements of the Reportable conduct scheme in Victoria that requires all organisations that work with children to report any child related concerns or incidents to the Commission of Children and Young People (CCYP).

Any Child Safe incidents or concerns must be reported within 24 hours by emailing the CEO at using this form.


Would You Like More Information?

The following guidance notes can assist you to understand how to respond to concerns or allegations of abuse and neglect.

How Will I Know?

You may feel like this is a big responsibility for you and may not be confident that you will know when something is wrong. That is understandable, so this fact sheet will help you.

What Should I Do If Someone Makes a Disclosure or an Allegation?

If someone, particularly a child or young person, discloses or alleges any type of abuse or neglect to you, the way you respond in that moment is likely to have a significant impact on them at the time, and in the future.

These guidance notes will help you know what to do.

To Help Support This Process GGV Have Created a ‘How To Respond’ Poster


Assistance and support are available to anyone that needs to make a report or would like to discuss their concerns.

This support may be your direct supervisor, Child Safe officer (details available by logging into the members portal) or by contacting the JPC team and the CEO.

You can contact or call the JPC Centre on (03) 86063500.

Complaints and Concerns

Girl Guides accepts complaints about anything, from anyone. We will take your complaint seriously, respond to it quickly, and keep you informed.

If your complaint is about the safety of a child or young person, we will report this to the right people as soon as possible.

Complaints can be lodged using this form and emailed to

We will try to understand the issues raised and explore if we can resolve them. If you have any difficulty with this form, you can email us for assistance or find more information here.

If you are a Youth Member (or helping a Youth Member make a complaint) you may prefer to use the form, Tell Us What You are Worried About?

You can find out more about our Privacy Policy HERE.

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