CashBook Process

Accounting for our Money

Girl Guides Victoria collects money from our members to deliver a service to our members. Making sure that we are using the funds for the purpose intended is key to being a trustworthy organisation. Funds raised either via unit fees, donations or any fundraising activities by Units, Districts or Regions or associated committees are held in trust for, and by Girl Guides Victoria (Girl Guides Association Act 1952, S5 (6)). This means that all funds should be accounted for appropriately.

There are three steps you need to take to account for the money you are holding in trust.

Click Here for Step One: Collect

You should collect your information throughout the year, so that you’re not stuck with a lot of work at the end of year. It’s also easier to fix up any problems that come up (and they do no matter how careful you are!) as they happen.

Click here for Step Two:  Review

You should have your records reviewed by an external auditor as soon as possible after the 31st December.

Click here for Step Three:  Report

Your report is due to GGV by 31st March of the next year.

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