Detailed information about GGV Insurance can be found in the GGV Finance Manual v1.3.

General Insurance

The current Certificate of Currency can be requested by emailing Girl Guides Victoria.  Please make sure you include your Member ID, the reason for your request and supporting information.

If you are running a fundraising event, you will need to understand how to use the the logo and how insurance works.

If there is damage to a GGV Hall or Campsite, then please contact the property manager as soon as practical after the incident occurs.


Personal Incident/Accidents

An accident/incident must be reported as soon as is possible after the event using the Girl Guide Incident Form.


An incident is when a near miss occurs with the potential to become an accident.  It needs to be reported in case injury or damage to the youth/adult or non-member/third party becomes apparent some time later.

A number of incidents occurring with the same or similar activity would be a warning signal that an activity may be unsafe and should be investigated before an accident happens.


An accident is where a youth/adult member or non-member/third party is damaged or injured during, or going to/coming from a Guiding activity.

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