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Girl Guides Victoria Policies are freely available for all interested people to view and work with.

Our policies, procedures and guidelines are all designed to ensure that the experience of girls, volunteers and all those associated with Girl Guides Victoria have the best experience they possibly can.

The Respectful Behaviour Charter provides a snapshot of the framework under which Girl Guides Victoria works.

Each Volunteer who works with Girl Guides across Australia is asked to undertake some mandatory checks and to sign a Code of Conduct before starting their role with us.

While we don’t ask parents to sign the Parent Code of Conduct, we do ask them to read this important document and to adhere to the principles included.

Girl Guides Australia have developed a set of GuideLines, that all State Girl Guide Organisations (SGGO) adhere to.

All girls who are members of Girl Guides Victoria and all girls who visit, try-out or come into contact with our programs are entitled to both feel safe and to be safe. Girl Guides Victoria adheres to the Victorian Child Safe Standards. You can read more about how we’ve adopted these Standards right across our organisation.


Policies and Procedures Quick Navigation

A list of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines for Volunteers.

A list of Policies and Procedures related to Youth Experience.

A list of Policies, Procedures and Forms for Parents and Guardians.

A list of resources for Youth Outdoors, Risk Management, Events and Fundraising.

Girl Guides Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Girl Guides Incident Report

Girl Guides Incident Report

Girl Guides Child Safe Policy Statement

Child Safe Policy Statement

All Victorian Specific Policies:

GO1 First Aid Requirements for Leadership Qualification
GO2 Privacy First Aiders
GO3 Administration of Medication
GP4 Infectious Disease Control
GO5 Handling and Selling Food
GO6 Sun Protection
GO8 Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
GO10 Emergency Response/Fire Danger Ratings (updated November 2021)
GO11 Anaphylaxis and Allergy
GG 12 Healthy Choices Guidelines
GO13 Bullying Prevention (updated October 2018)
GO14 Food Safety
GO15 Emergency Response in Case of Illness, Accident or Fatality
GO20 Future Fund
GO21 Disbanding Entities
GO25 Fundraising Bingo Nights
GO26 Raffles
GO30 Meeting in Private Homes
GO31 Building of Guide Halls
GO32 Scattering of Ashes
GO33 Vehicles
GO34 Members in Vehicles
GO35 Social Media
GO36 Property
GO37 Bus Usage
GO41 Privacy (17/4/23 – This Policy is currently being updated. In the meantime, please refer to the GGA Policy). 
GO42 Volunteer Checks (Previously PC & WWCC’s ) (updated November 2021)
GO43 Non Compliance (updated May 2017)
GO44 Child Safe framework (updated November 2017)
GO46 Part 1 Diversity and Inclusion Policy
GO46 Part 2 Diversity and Inclusion Guidance
GO47 Gender Neutral Communication (updated October 2018)
GO50 Empowerment of Women At All Levels
GO58 Children Who Are Non-Members at Residential Events
GO59 Environment
GO60 Life Membership

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