Welcome (Please Read Me!)

Welcome to the revamped Girl Guides Victoria website.

Over the last two years, we asked for feedback about what worked and what didn’t work for our members and this website the result of that feedback.

This is an on-going project – we’re happy to take feedback and suggestions.

As of our launch date (11th January, 2018) there are still some kinks to work out and some links to be updated. We’ll be working on those as quickly as we can.

For those of you that use the website a lot, here’s some of the most commonly used things

Login to your GGV account to access your profile or download reports:


Are you looking for the “Forms and Admin” page? We’ve got all the same information, but in more manageable chunks.

Registering for events (including Girls Rock!):

Please have a good look around – there’s some great new information and we’ll be constantly updating the site. A good start is our latest news section.


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