Staff Team

Chief Executive Officer (Acting), Chief Operating Officer, Amanda Kelly

As CEO, Amanda is responsible for supporting and supervising the staff in achieving their goals and tasks. In addition to liaising with external stakeholders, funders and supporters, Amanda is also responsible for ensuring legislative compliance across the organisation. In her role as COO Amanda supervises the day-to-day running of the Joyce Price Centre at Docklands and the staff that suppor the volunteers. This includes supervision of Property Officer, Finance Officer and Support Officers.Ā  She is also responsible for process improvement and works with the Management and State Teams to streamline services and processes. Amanda also volunteers to manage their grants from various funders across Victoria.


Afghan Program Officer, Razia Ali

Razia’s role is to work with the Afghani community to invite women and girls to participate in Guiding in Victoria. She works with Girl Guides Victoria trainers and learning partners to identify other volunteers who can support the candidates from the community with hands on experience and ideas. Her role includes finding ways to meaningfully include girls and youth in the training in a girl-led way that supports a culturally relevant and valuable experience


Business Support Officer, Clare McDade

Clare’s role is to welcome you into our office and shop at Docklands, and is usually the first voice that people hear when calling in. Clare manages our shop and serves our retail customers via the telephone and in person and manages the Guide Shop at Docklands and online.


Communications Officer, Jo Rosochodski

Jo is responsible for promoting guiding, guiding news, information and storiesĀ across all Girl Guides Victoria media platforms. She helps to establish and maintain relationships with like-minded organisations using media platforms and moderates user activity across all GGV social media platforms. She also helps us to stay up to date with where people are on social media and is building a team of people to get the Guiding message out there.

Customer Support Officer, Wen-Juenn Lee

Wen-Juenn is the first point of contact for new youth membership enquiries. She works with the Membership Officer to assist with membership renewal as well as the Management Team to help improve member experience. Wen-Juenn’s role is to support youth members (and Volunteers who work with youth) to navigate the youth awards system. She also works with Business Support Officer to ensure smooth running of the office and shop.


Camping and Adventure Officer, Cat Anderson

Cat’s role is to get more girl’s outdoors! She does this by putting in place a program of events related to outdoors skills that allows unit leaders to attend with youth members, with the support of other qualified outdoors providers. She works with Girl Guides Australia (GGA), the Learning and Development , Outdoors and Program Teams to feed the learnings of her work into the broader GGA training and outdoors approaches. This ensures that the new activities meet some of the criteria of the Australian Guiding Program with respect to skills specific volunteering. Cat also works with Unit Leaders and Leaders in Charge to ensure safe camping experiences for all Youth Members (including assessing camping applications)

Community Development Officer, Melissa Reoch

Melissa manages the Guides in Schools and community Guiding programs. These programs enable girls from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in Girl Guides. A large part of her role is to develop Guiding in new areas with a focus on enriching our membership to reflect our multicultural society as well as connecting with those in rural and regional Victoria. Melissa is working to establish new training pathways for volunteers in these programs. In addition to this, her role is to develop an approach to incorporate the learning from these programs back into traditional Guiding, such as the development of our new girl-led training workshops. Melissa also assesses the current partners GGV works with for advocacy and helps to identify potential partnership opportunities for GGV. Melissa is a mentor for our Afghan Community Officer.

Event Coordinator, Katie Possingham

Katie works with our Program and Learning and Development Teams to plan and communicate State Events & Training Calendars. Katie is actively working with our Outdoors and Adventure Officer to develop a camp operating model to streamline camping event delivery across the state. As part of her role, Katie also organise venues, catering and reward and recognition materials for events and award ceremonies. To ensure that we’r always improving, Katie coordinates the post-camp assessment process. She also processes online and paper-based applications for state-wide events/training and maintains volunteer database records in relation to qualifications and health records

Database and Membership Officer, Kerrie Morton

Kerrie’s role is to manage all membership enquiries from customers and volunteers. This includes managing our database system and ensuring its accuracy. She also assists in developing the online capabilities of the services provided to members. An important part of Kerrie’s role is to provide reports (including statistical data) for our Executive, Management Team and staff. She manages our membership process and manages our staff IT requirements as well as our conferencing system.

Finance Officer, Marita Meehan

Marita’s role is to make sure that our bills are paid and our income is recorded correctly! As part of her role, she works with the auditors to ensure that our processes are followed and that we are complying with all the relevant legislation. Marita also coordinates the collection of our CashBooks information.


Management Services Officer, Jane Pennington

Jane works across a wide range of tasks at Girl Guides Victoria. This includes collating paperwork for Long Service Awards and writing up certificates, assisting volunteers to complete Police Checks, writing the Trefoil Guild newsletter and assisting the President of the Guild with administrative tasks. Jane also writes up articles on archival information to publish online. She creates and distributes the agenda for Management Team meetings, as well as writing up minutes.

Property Officer, Rosemary Mason

As our Property Officer, Rosie works to support our volunteers who look after our many properties across Victoria. She responds to requests for support from volunteer property managers, liaises with Councils/lessors and volunteer property managers re lease negotiations, maintains records relating to individual properties including maintenance/OHS/valuations/insurance and liaises with the Steward of Britannia Park to assist with the caretaking of the property and takes bookings for the property as well. And finally, Rosie liaises with our Community Sector Banking contact and volunteers to ensure banking paperwork is lodged correctly.

Volunteer Development Officer, Jane Carter

As our Volunteer Development Officer, Jane works with the staff, the Management Team and the Learning and Development team to help enhance the volunteer experience. She does this by: supporting current youth in Girl Guides to take on leadership roles with Girl Guides as they transition from school to work; supporting current Girl Guides volunteers through training and development opportunities; building the general support structures to find, onboard, and support a broad base of volunteers for Guides that extends beyond the trained leaders and managers of the organisation.

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