State Patrol

Girl Guides - Girl Rock February 1, 2020: Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Australia. Credit: Ryan C / Event Photos Australia

Membership of the State Patrol is made up of the State Commissioner, Assistant State Commissioners, Adult Patrol, Olave Patrol, Youth Patrol, Jamboree Patrol, Strategic Projects Patrol and Property Patrol. The State Patrol is collectively responsible to bring together the day-to-day activities, operations and volunteer leadership within Girl Guides Victoria across the current focus areas of Adult, Olave, Youth, Halls, Campsites and Assets, and Strategic projects

Current Members of the State Patrol




Janelle Howell, State Commissioner
E: janelle.howell@guidesvic.org.au




Deb Abbs, Assistant State Commissioner
E: deborah.abbs@guidesvic.org.au




Mandhree Ekayanake, Assistant State Commissioner
E: mandhree.ekayanake@guidesvic.org.au




Lillian Fry-McBean, Assistant State Commissioner
E: lillian.frymcbean@guidesvic.org.au




Dani Smith, Assistant State Commissioner
E: dani.smith@guidesvic.org.au






Adult Patrol


Linda Kors, Adult Patrol Leader
E: linda.kors@guidesvic.org.au




Deb Abbs, Assistant State Commissioner




Region Managers Within The Adult Patrol


Gwen Anderson, Hume Region
E: gwen.anderson@guidesvic.org.au
E: humeregion@guidesvic.org.au



Amanda Clark, Gippsland
E: amanda.clark@guidesvic.org.au
E: gippsland@guidesvic.org.au

Lyn Curry, River Region
E: lyn.curry@guidesvic.org.au
E: river@guidesvic.org.au



Linda Kors, Barwon South West Region
E: barwonsouthwest@guidesvic.org.auv






Jillian Malin, Eastern Region
E: jillian.malin@guidesvic.org.au
E: eastern@guidesvic.org.au




Marion Smith, Wimmera Region
E: marion.smith@guidesvic.org.au
E: wimmera@guidesvic.org.au




Karen Chatto, Central Highlands Region
E: karen.chatto@guidesvic.org.au
E: centralhighlands@guidesvic.org.au



Maree Whitehead, Mallee Region
E: maree.whitehead@guidesvic.org.au
E: mallee@guidesvic.org.au


Jan Withers, Southern Region
E: jan.withers@guidesvic.org.au
E: southern@guidesvic.org.au



Pam Woodhams, North West Region
E: pam.woodhams@guidesvic.org.au
: northwest@guidesvic.org.au




Department Managers within The Adult Patrol


Margaret Devlin, Adult Awards Manager
E: marg.devlin@guidesvic.org.au
E: awards@guidesvic.org.au

Sue Viney, Trefoil Guide Advisor
E: sue.viney@guidesvic.org.au

Louisa Watts, Learning and Development Manager
E: louisa.watts@guidesvic.org.au




Culture and Conduct Manager (Position Vacant)


Inclusion and Diversity (Position Vacant)



Olave Patrol



Lillian Fry-McBean, Assistant State Commissioner
E: lillian.frymcbean@guidesvic.org.au, olave@guidesvic.org.au




Youth Patrol


Tara Anderson, Youth Patrol Leader
E: tara.anderson@guidesvic.org.au




Mandhree Ekanayake, Assistant State Commissioner




Belinda Pritchard, Adventure Manager





Catherine Sarhanis, Advocacy Manager
E: catherine.sarhanis@guidesvic.org.au

Suzanne Hill. Growth Manager

Virtual Manager (Position Vacant)


Jamboree Patrol


Helen Reid, Jamboree Patrol Leader
E: helen.reid@guidesvic.org.au




Billie Tranter, International
E: billie.tranter@guidesvic.org.au


Penny Ferris, Program
E: penny.ferris@guidesvic.org.au

Kate Ferguson, Camping and Site
E: kate.ferguson@guidesvic.org.au

Tamara Rees, Database
E: tamara.rees@guidesvic.org.au


Strategic Projects Patrol


Heather Barton, Strategic Projects Patrol Leader
E: heather.barton@guidesvic.org.au

Dani Smith, Assistant State Commissioner
E: dani.smith@guidesvic.org.au

Sian Stephens, Patrol Member
E: sian.stephens@guidesvic.org.au

Property Patrol


Barb Grove, Britannia Park Steward
E: barb.grove@guidesvic.org.au


Would you like to invite someone to your event, activity or meeting including:
– State Commissioner, an Assistant State Commissioner and / or a State Patrol Member
– Chief Executive Officer and / or JPC Team Member
– Governance Chair and / or Executive Committee Member?

Email us on guides@guidesvic.org.au with the subject title ‚ÄúInvitation to Event‚ÄĚ and your name.

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