New online Camping and Adventure form!

Getting girls outdoors is getting easier and faster.

In 2017 we launched the online ADM27 form, making activity permissions and health forms more accessible and easier to manage – as well as improving our environmental friendliness.

For 2018, we are launching the new online Camping and Adventure (OUT.01) application. This form can be used in place of the current OUT.01 paper form for Camps, Adventure Activities and Sleepovers. You can still submit a paper form – but the online form is faster and pretty easy to use. We have some FAQ’s and brief instructions on how to use the form so you can get prepared before using it.

One of the reasons the form is faster, is that when you submit, a copy automatically is sent to your District Manager. This means you don’t need to get it signed before you submit – District Managers will receive a confirmation of submission email when the OUT.01 online form is used, and they can ask questions or query the process at any time.

Here are some of the good things about the online form:

  • The application instantly checks Membership, Police Checks, Working With Children Checks, Camping qualifications and First Aid status – so you know straight away whether your team is ready to go outdoors with you.
  • The application automatically calculates the required minimum number of volunteers to meet the Leader to Youth ratio policies – no more checking GGA Guidelines, the form does this for you.
  • Leaders no longer need their District or Region Manager to sign the form – speeding up the application process.
  • The application works on many internet platforms from computers, smart phones and tablets.
  • The online applications can be used for Unit, District or Region events.

Any adult member of Girl Guides Victoria can submit an application for a camp or adventurous activity online provided that a Leader in Charge who holds current qualifications is nominated.  The only exception to using this form, is that Youth members who are being assessed for Camping Achieve-a-Challenge level three will still need to submit an OUT.01 paper application.

Once the applications are submitted a confirmation of submission email will be sent to:

  • the Leader in Charge
  • their District Manager (or Region Manager as applicable)
  • the JPC (GGV Head Office) who will assess the Risk Management document and review the application details.

Any questions at all, please get in contact with our Camping and Adventure Officer.

Online Camping and Adventure (OUT.01) application

Happy camping and adventuring!

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