Guides from regional Victoria benefit from grant

Girl Guides in the Wimmera region went on a fabulous camp recently, which was supported by funding from the state government.

Guides from Horsham, Kaniva, Warracknabeal and Dimboola went on a four-day camp on the Wimmera River in Dimboola. The theme of the camp was ‘Survivor’, like the TV show. The camp was full of great outdoor adventures for the Guides. The GGV Outdoor and Adventure Officer, Cat Anderson, traveled from Melbourne with canoes, kayaks, ninja-lines and slacklines, providing challenging games and alternative cookery activities.

The girls worked together in patrols to put up tents and cooking shelters. They also cooked all their own meals using some creative and resourceful alternative cookery methods.

As well as being assessed on their outdoor cooking skills, Leaders assessed Guides on their attitude and helpfulness, the bush gadgets they created, and their knowledge of first aid and safety, campsite layout, and site hygiene.

Wimmera Region Manager Marion Smith said the camp was a great success. ‘Many skills were learnt by the Guides, coupled with fun activities such as canoeing led by Cat Anderson,’ she said.

Girl Guides Victoria community development officer Mel Reoch said support from the grant would continue. ‘We are also looking to partner with other organisations for support to maximise this opportunity for growth in rural guiding.’

All in all, the camp was a fun and challenging experience for the girls!

Read the article in the Wimmera Mail-Times here.

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