Happy International Archives Day!

An archive is a home for memories. It’s a place where we can store important markers of heritage and tradition. When you explore an archive, you are exploring stories from the past.

International Archives Day was on June 9th, and we want to take a moment to celebrate our amazing online archive, Guiding Stories. With over 100 years of history, Girl Guides has a lot of stories to tell.Would you love to see a badge you earned when you were a Gumnut Guide? Do you have a picture to add or a story to tell? Do you love seeing cool and quirky objects from the past? Follow your curiosity over to Guiding Stories!

If you find this historic Guiding cartoon inspiring, quirky, confusing or amusing, we strongly recommend that you check out this list of other cartoons. Top highlights include the cartoon of Girl Guides who have tied up an enemy soldier, and a Girl Guide excessively bandaging a small child’s finger.





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