National Report August 2018

One of the things I love about Guiding are the opportunities available to me. I have travelled, met wonderful girls and women, worked on inspirational projects, and undertaken roles I never would have thought I could do, or would have the opportunity to do. Taking on additional roles in Guiding outside my regular Unit started when I was part of a team running a State event (doing PR!). Next, I was Leader in Charge of a Region event. Then I was asked to take on a State role, which lead to the Board in my State, and onwards to being on the Girl Guides Australia Board. Today, here I am writing to you on behalf of the Acting Chief Commissioner of Australia, while she takes a well-deserved holiday.

Some of these roles I applied for off my own bat. Other times, it took someone to ask if I was interested, as they thought I could do the job. I didn’t say yes to every role – and (other than that PR job…) I generally tried to play to my strengths. They have all had their own challenges and huge rewards. Each role is a massive achievement that I can look back on, as part of my Guiding journey, with pride.

Have you asked yourself the question lately – what’s next in my Guiding journey?

Applications are now open for several National Manager positions:

Each of these positions would enable you to be part of shaping Guiding for the whole of Australia and allow you to work with other dynamic women who are equally enthusiastic about the future of Guiding.

Do you love that Guides go outdoors – there’s a role for you. Do you want to lead learning and development into the future – there’s that too. Do you think that the Australian Guide Program is key to why Guiding is great – got you covered. Are you aged between 18 and 30 and know young women can shine – we are definitely interested in you!

Amazing things can happen when you put your hand up and volunteer. If someone gives you a nudge and says you could do this job – think about it seriously. I never thought I would be assisting with the Chief Commissioner role, but I’m glad I am.

And, if a National role isn’t quite your speed at the moment, have a look at the roles available in your own State. Maybe the perfect opportunity is there – waiting for you.

Yours in Guiding,

Kate Alcorso
Girl Guides Australia Board Director
(On behalf of the Chief Commissioner)

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