Videos for Change

Guides in high school have the chance to use some movie magic to shed light on an issue that they’re passionate about!

Videos for Change is an annual film-making competition that was created by High Resolves in 2015 to help young people take action and feel empowered to create change in the world.

Groups of up to six are invited to make a one-minute video on a social issue they care about and enter it into the Videos for Change competition.

Last year’s brilliant winning entry explored the negative labels that society places on people, and encourages viewers to celebrate our shared humanity instead. Other entries explored issues such as domestic violence and dementia in fresh and powerful ways. Take a look at some of the entries here.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Guides currently in Years 7 to 12 to raise awareness about a social issue they feel passionate about. It’s also an excellent opportunity for girls to flex their creative muscles and develop their knowledge of film-making and storytelling in the name of helping the community.

The competition closes on September 30, 2018. Get cracking!

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