WAGGGS Volunteer Resource Pool

Volunteers in the Resource Pool use their skills to support different projects and help to strengthen the WAGGGS Movement. Opportunities include working with new member countries, advising Member Organisations on capacity building, providing translation and interpretation support and facilitating workshops on the WAGGGS new leadership model.

How do volunteers join the pool?

To join the pool, there are a couple of steps to follow:

  • Volunteers must be endorsed by their Member Organisation (MO) i.e. national Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting association, to do this please follow the actions for Member Organisations listed below
  • Once the recommendation has been accepted by us, you will be invited to join an online platform called Mobilize. Once on the system, you are encouraged to introduce yourself and get to know other members. New volunteering opportunities will be posted on Mobilize, so we encourage you to check the platform regularly to stay informed.
  • When joining the volunteer pool, you will also be invited to a face-to-face online induction meeting and directed to a self-guided induction process. This is a way to familiarise volunteers with WAGGGS policies and procedures, and how to operate in the network. You will also be asked to sign and send the Terms of Reference.

Click here to learn more and apply. 

Interested in volunteering here in Victoria? Find out how.

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