Staff Changes at JPC – August 2018

We’ve seen a number of changes in staff at the Joyce Price Centre over the last couple of months. Finding the right people takes time and some staff roles are still being filled, but recruitment is in progress.

As you know, Amanda Kelly took up the CEO role in June leaving her previous role of COO vacant. In addition to this, Marita Meehan our Finance Officer resigned to take on a new role in the corporate sector. We’d like to wish Marita all the best in her new venture. While we’ve been recruiting for these two roles, we have a temporary Accountant, Mary Ma who has been looking after our accounts.

Our Property Officer, Rosie Mason will be finishing up on 30 August. Rosie has made a great contribution to the management of our properties, in particular at Britannia Park, where she’s attracted a number of new external users to the site.

With Rosie and Marita leaving and a vacant COO role, we’ve reviewed the duties of all the roles and have combined these into two roles instead of three. Kate Pike commenced this week as our Operations Officer, and in late August our new Finance and Property Officer will commence.

Our Volunteer Development Officer Jane Carter‘s six-month work visa expired in July, and Jane finished up her role on 30 June. Jane is continuing to work and travel in and around Australia. We’ve reviewed this role and have split the duties into two separate roles. Chloe Berkovic is our new Volunteer Support Officer. She will be working directly with new volunteers to help make joining Guides as seamless as possible. Karen Chatto has taken up the role of Volunteer Development Officer and will be working on ensuring that workshops and training (outside of Learning and Development) are delivered. Both of these roles are funded via our grant from the Department of Health and Human Services.

In the next issue of Guiding News, we’ll have details of who does what in the office so that you know who to contact for your particular questions.

In the meantime, all the work is being done by the current staff who will be able to help you. So just call, and we’ll direct you to the right person.

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