These Guides made worry dolls, and they’re awesome!

It’s great when we can find new ways to show our empathy for one another. The Junior Kew Girl Guides recently made Guatemalan worry dolls to explore their feelings and show support for people who might be feeling worried about something in their life. We all feel worried sometimes, and this activity day was a bighearted and creative way to explore that.

In Guatemala, worry dolls were made by parents for their children to tell their worries to. Children told their sorrows, fears and worries to the doll, which they placed under their pillows, and in the morning, the doll – and the worry – would be gone.

Recently, this Guide Unit made worry dolls for each other and for their friends. We think the results are pretty amazing!



Before creating their worry dolls, the girls talked about living with courage. Many decided to give their dolls to people who they thought were brave, or who had helped them to become brave. Girls gave a worry doll to their little sisters, their friends and their grandmothers. 

The Guide Unit Leader, Imogen, said that the girls were chuffed with how well the dolls turned out. Most girls made two: one for themselves and one to give to a person of their choosing. Some girls were super keen and made three. One Guide decided to make 8 dolls because she was a few days away from turning 8!

Worry dolls are fun and easy to make with your Guide Unit, friends and family. You can use these instructions. And remember to use lots of multi-colored wool for colourful and vibrant dolls!

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