Girls Rock 2019 Resources

At Girls Rock 2019, we launched a lot of great new resources for our volunteers to use. Take a look!

Celebrating 2018: Girls Rock Video Highlights

Girls Rock video playlist

PR Resources

Our new PR resources are available below. These items can all be printed at home on normal A4 paper.

Fun Resources

Girl Guides Victoria Origami Chatterbox

‘What is Guides?’ Zine (Independent Comic)

To learn how to fold the zine, watch this or read this.


To attract new volunteers

‘Volunteer with Girl Guides’ (design 1) poster

‘Volunteer with Girl Guides’ (design 2) poster

To attract new Guides

‘Seeking Older Girls’ poster

‘Seeking Younger Girls’ poster

Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Law

‘Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Law’ poster


‘Volunteer with Guides’ brochure

‘We’re for Girls’ brochure

Who We Are

Resource: ‘Who We Are’ promo cards


Reconciliation Acknowledgement of Country and Artwork

Lighthouse Statement

Lighthouse statement and workbook (colour version)

Lighthouse statement and workbook (black-and-white version)


Resource Kit: Inspiring the Girl-Led Experience

Read online or print at home

Our new Girl-Led Resource Kit is also found here.

2019 Calendar of Advocacy Days

Our 2019 Calendar of Advocacy Days is now out.

Our PR resources are also stored on the GGV PR Resources page. If you would like to get items printed professionally, you can find versions of all our resources here with trim marks, bleed, and printing suggestions. These items can also be ordered online and printed professionally through the GGV Vistaprint account. Region and District Managers can access this account and purchase items on behalf of local Leaders, using the District’s budget. Some items are available in limited numbers at the GGV office. Contact us if you would like some and we’ll help if we can.

Strategic Plan

What does this all mean for volunteers?

Full-length version of strategic plan

Shortened version of strategic plan

Girl Guides Victoria Survey 

Full-length version of survey results

Shortened version of survey results

The GGV Difference

Resource: The Girl Guides Victoria Difference

Workshop Resource

Workshop presenter bios and links to further information

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