Planning for adventure (and sleepovers and camps)

If you’re a Leader or a volunteer, there’s important new information you need to know!

Incorporating the Outdoor section of the Australian Guide Program in to your weekly Unit meetings by going camping or trying adventure-based activities allows our members to experience new adventures in a fun and safe environment.

To make the application process easier for our volunteer members, Girl Guides Victoria launched the online OUT.01 application system in late 2017. Since then, over 200 applications have been submitted using this system.

Girl Guides Victoria is continuously updating and improving the administrative processes to ensure our state meets Child Safety procedures as well as Girl Guides Australia’s National Guidelines when changes occur.  This week Girl Guides Victoria launched a new version of the OUT.01 application system to ensure we are following these changes.

The changes are summarised here and detailed below:

  1. Submission deadlines per Guidelines will now be strictly adhered to and late applications (those submitted less than 4 weeks before the event) will be automatically declined
  2. Third-party providers must provide a Certificate of Currency and a risk assessment prior to being able to provide activities for Girl Guides
  3. Requirements re risk assessments for activities with third-party providers are now minimised
  4. The new version allows you to track the progress of your application on an online portal

Applying for a camp or adventure-based activity should be a straightforward experience. By allowing yourself plenty of time to gather the information required for your OUT.01 application and asking for assistance from other volunteers, the process will run smoothly and approval for your event should be granted.

Access the updated OUT.01 portal here!

The new version of the OUT.01 form incorporates the following updates:

1. Submission deadline
National Guidelines state that all OUT.01 applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the events starting date. The time it actually takes to process OUT.01 applications has increased in 2019 due to additional processes and checks for volunteers. From February 15th 2019 any OUT.01 applications submitted less than 4 weeks before your event will be declined. In order for your activity to go ahead as planned allow yourself plenty of time to get your applications submitted.

2. Third-party providers
Guides enjoy trying new and exciting activities from rock climbing, ice skating, canoeing, caving and archery. As of 15th February 2019, if you take your girls to a third-party provider you will need to obtain their Certificate of Currency and their risk management plan. It’s important for you to read the provider’s risk management plan so you are aware of the risks involved in using that provider’s venue.

3. Risk Assessment re third-party providers
New to 2019: there is no need to submit your own risk management plan if you are using a third-party provider as the provider is responsible for maintaining their equipment and (if used) venue, as well at training their staff.

However, having the provider’s risk management plan doesn’t mean we can stop thinking about risk management ourselves. We still need to assess risks associated with taking our Guides outside of the hall or inviting third-party providers into the Hall.

Risks might include but not limited to behavioural expectations, health concerns, transport and mixing with the public. Have a quick conversation with all adults and girls attending your event to identify any risks and how you can minimise them.

The OUT.01 application requires the applicant to dot point some of these ideas for managing.

4. Track the progress of your application
Once you’ve submitted your application, you are now able to track the progress via an online portal. You’ll be able to see if there are items that need followup, what’s outstanding and where your application is in the process. You’ll still receive emails, but you’ll be able to check online too.

The updates made continue to ensure that we’re meeting the National Guidelines and make planning for events even easier to do.

We look forward to seeing the adventures planned in 2019!

Kind regards,

Lynne Emblin

State Commisioner

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