FLYing High: How Girl Guides Creates Amazing Female Leaders

My name is Eva. I am passionate about gender equality and allowing girls to have opportunities to be amazing leaders.

Too often girls are written off and their confidence is decreased, because society tells them ‘no’. Through Girl Guides, I have witnessed the incredible leaders women can be and I want those opportunities for all girls.

Guides FLYing in Docklands, Melbourne

FLY or Fun Leadership for Youth is a weekend camp for girls 14-17. It’s a place where they learn skills and techniques in order to be leaders both inside of Girl Guides and in their communities.

Now I’m not going to lie, I thought if a camp had ‘fun’ in its name it was going to be anything but … However now after having gone, I can tell you it was a valuable (and fun!!!) experience for everyone involved.

Eva (far right) and the other FLY Guides popped into the Girl Guides Victoria Office to do quirky leadership activities (and leave encouraging post-it notes on every staff member’s desk!)

We learned everything from goal setting to communication techniques to leadership styles (and even some new campfire songs). FLY is also necessary to complete your Queen’s Guide Award and I was really excited to work on the leadership focus of my Award.

An amazing moment was when seven other girls and I were all learning about why some people might think women can’t be good leaders, and then tearing those arguments apart, because women are always inspiring!

The FLY Guides discussing women in leadership with Girl Guides Victoria CEO Amanda Kelly

As someone who has been a Girl Guide since the age of ten, I have experienced the supportive environment of Girl Guides and witnessed the amount of good it can do for a girl’s confidence.

I was super shy when I was little – I never could have stood in front of my school to do a speech or lead a campfire song. Through Girl Guides, I found confidence. Through finding my confidence, I’ve found that I am a good leader.

Eva (left) FLYing with a friend

Would you like to FLY?

Register for the next FLY camp! It will be held from Friday 5 – Sunday 7 April, 2019. Registrations close on March 25, 2019, so sign up now to avoid missing out.

About the Author

Eva is a 17-year-old Guide from Melbourne. She is in Year 12 and has been a Junior Leader for the last two years. She is currently a UNICEF Young Ambassador and has almost finished her Queen’s Guide Award.

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