Sunflower Sleepover

Guide Units around Victoria are invited to take part in the fabulous Sunflower Sleepover on Saturday 24 August! Last year, 35 Guide Units participated. This year, we’re asking Units all over Victoria to help us set a new state record for the amount of Guide Units having a sleepover on the same night. Check out the Sunflower Sleepover event flyer!

What is a Sunflower Sleepover?

  • Guides around the state have a sleepover at a local venue of their choice
  • Skype with the State Team and other Guide Units all over Victoria
  • Do awesome sunflower-themed activities
  • Earn a cool badge
  • Make great Guiding memories

Get creative with your sleepover! There are lots of things you could do!

  • Invite your Guides to bring a friend for a Sunflower Party in the afternoon before the actual sleepover (sleeping over must be for Guides only)
  • Use the new Sunflower Sleepover Activity Pack (available soon) to help your Guides design awesome sunflower-themed activities
  • Do a quirky themed night and get everyone to wear something yellow or dress up in crazy costumes (we loved the superhero and emoji-themed nights that the Warragul Guides held last year!)
  • Get your Guides doing a fabulous project out in the community before the sleepover, so your local community can see some of the awesome things girls do at Guides. (Extra points if the activity is sunflower-themed!)
  • Join forces with other Guide Units and hold a SUPER-SIZED SUNFLOWER SLEEPOVER

How to hold a Sunflower Sleepover

  1. Talk to your Unit and add the Sunflower Sleepover to your term calendar
  2. Plan your sleepover as you normally would – book your venue, notify families, complete and submit your paperwork as you usually would.
  3. Sign up your Unit by Monday 22 July
  4. After registrations close on Monday 22 July, we’ll email you the new Sunflower Sleepover Activity Pack. It’s full of fun ideas to help your Guides plan a sunflower-inspired program and menu.
  5. During the sleepover weekend, connect with the State Team and other Units (details will be emailed after registration)
  6. Have a great Guiding night together!

Sign up today!

Sign up through the online form, and help us set a state record for the most Guide sleepovers happening on the same night!

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