National Report May 2019

#More Than A Biscuit

It’s that time of year again …. Biscuit Time!

Many of you have taken delivery of many, many cartons of Girl Guide biscuits and the sales campaigns are well underway. Our range is back, as tasty as ever and ready for you to be creative with your marketing. Selling biscuits is an excellent opportunity for you to arrange local sales events while showcasing what Guiding offers.

To create awareness and promote engagement with the 2019 Girl Guide Biscuit campaign there is an increased focus on how Guiding empowers girls and young women. We know that selling Girl Guide Biscuits provides much needed funds which ultimately supports Guiding programs at local level – providing more opportunities to EMPOWER GIRLS AND WOMEN. The Girl Guide Biscuit Campaign is definitely #MoreThanABiscuit!

So please, take your Girl Guide Biscuit Fundraiser into your community, show the community that Guiding is #MoreThanABiscuit. I look forward to seeing your biscuit selling activities and the entrepreneurial skills of our Guides in social media and remember to use our 2019 hashtag #MoreThanABiscuit in all your biscuit posts.

Following my update last month, in particular the 50 year celebrations of the Asia Pacific Region (have you celebrated with a Candle March yet?), I realised I had reached my own special 50 year milestone – it has been 50 years since I first made my Promise as a young Brownie! I remember the day well: I remember practicing to fold my tie; I remember being ‘twisted and turned’; I remember seeing the elf in the mirror; and I was so proud that I was finally a Brownie like my sisters had been. I am sure many of you have similar memories.

From that day as a young Brownie, Guiding has been an important part of my world. I have shared the journey with some amazing friends; had the opportunity to extend myself; had wonderful role models, leaders and mentors; and had many adventures that one could not ever have imagined. I know Girl Guiding has shaped who I am and is fundamental to me being a confident, self-respecting, responsible community member.

As Leaders, we have such an important role to play in empowering girls and young women; giving girls the space to be the change in their world. Enjoy the privilege and maybe you know someone who hasn’t been involved in Guiding you could ask to share the privilege of being a Guide Leader? The more amazing Leaders we have …. the more opportunities we can give girls.

Happy Guiding and all the best with your Girl Guide Biscuit fundraiser,

Rosemary Derwin
Chief Commissioner
May 2019

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