Sangam, India: Saris and Spices 2019

Come to Sangam. Discover and explore India’s unique culture.

Immerse yourself in Indian culture as you stimulate all your senses. Experience the sights and sounds of market shopping, try your hand at tying a sari, smell the fragrant spices, and enjoy tasting a feast of delicious food.

As part of Saris and Spices you will discover the colourful city of Pune and learn more about this sensational country.

Saris and Spices is a Sangam Cultural event. Cultural events introduce you to India, a country of ancient customs brimming with modern interests and innovations. Try your hand at Rangoli or mehendi, and enjoy Indian dance in the traditional Dandiya or trendy Bollywood styles. Visit Indian market places and learn some Hindi so you can make conversation with the local people you encounter. Take in the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the spicy sensations that abound in India and enjoy a cross-cultural adventure you will never forget!

When: 9-13 November 2019
Where: Sangam, Pune, India
Who: Adult members 18+; Youth members 16-17
Australian closing date: 15 June 2019

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