Action on Body Confidence e-Learning

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Action on Body Confidence e-learning course, available on GLOW!


GLOW is the WAGGGS online learning platform.

Access GLOW here

The course is aimed at Leaders to prepare them to run the Action on Body Confidence program with their Unit. There are two courses available for complete:

  1. For Leaders of Guides aged 7-10 years, and
  2. For Leaders of Guides aged 11-25 years.

By the end of the course leaders will:

  • Understand advocacy and how children can be advocates in Action on Body Confidence
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the activity packs
  • Feel confident in supporting their group with their Action Project

Sign up to GLOW with your email address, complete the course online, and receive your virtual badge!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Information provided by WAGGGS.

How is this different from Free Being Me?

WAGGGS and the Dove Self Esteem Project have been in global partnership since 2013, bringing the Free Being Me body confidence activities to over 3.5 million girls and boys by the end of 2016. There is much more to do!

We have created Action on Body confidence in response to your feedback, asking for support to take action that doesn’t only raise awareness, but also asks for change from decision-makers or power-people.

The Free Being Me body confidence activities help girls and boys to gain self esteem for themselves. The Action on Body Confidence activities equip young people with the skills to identify the biggest body confidence issues in their lives and then to design ‘Take Action’ project which make positive changes to the world around them.

Action on Body Confidence activities can be done alongside Free Being Me which will continue to reach young people around the world. Together both of these programmes will help young people to create a world free from appearance related anxiety, where girls are free to be themselves!

Why should we take part?

Recent global Dove Self-Esteem Project research has shown that when girls don’t feel good about the way they look, 8 in 10 opt out of important life activities such as engaging with friends or loved ones, and 7 in 10 have not been assertive in their option or stuck to a decision. When girls don’t have confidence in their appearance, they are being held back from reaching their full potential.

What is included in the program?

Through age-appropriate activities including games, creative activities, surveys and discussions, you will uncover the problems that low body confidence causes children and young people in your society, and you’ll plan your own Action Project to make change happen.

After you’ve taken Action, you will share what you did online with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide, to inspire others and become part of the global body confidence movement.

Your group will earn the Action on Body Confidence badge, available from the WAGGGS online shop.

Four Challenges:

You should complete each challenge to gain your Action on Body Confidence badge. As a guide, we have suggested the number of sessions you will need per challenge, however you are encouraged to do the program at your own pace.

Challenge 1: See the change

Challenge 2: Plan the change

Challenge 3: Make the change

Challenge 4: Share the change

Download the activities packs online.

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