Policies and Procedures for Volunteer Orientation

Our policies, procedures and guidelines are all designed to ensure that the experience of girls, volunteers and all those associated with Girl Guides Victoria have the best experience they possibly can. Each Volunteer who works with Girl Guides across Australia is asked to undertake some mandatory checks and to sign a Code of Conduct before starting their role with us.

The Respectful Behaviour Charter provides a snapshot of the framework under which Girl Guides Victoria works.


Volunteer Orientation Policies and Procedures

GO1   First Aid Requirements

GO4   HIV and Other Infectious Diseases
GP4    Infectious Diseases

GO8  Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

GO30 Meeting in Private Homes
GP30  Private Property Checklist
GO34 Members in Vehicles
GO37 Bus Usage

GO35 Social Media
GG81  Hosting Virtual Unit Meetings

GO 41 Privacy
GP41  Privacy
GO2   Privacy First Aiders

GO42  Volunteer Checks
GP42  Complaints
GO43  Non Compliance
GP43  Grievance Procedure

GO47 Gender Neutral Communication
GG86 Good Email Practice


For a full list of all Girl Guides Victoria policies, please got to All Policies.

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