Youth Experience Policies

Our policies, procedures and guidelines are all designed to ensure that girls have the best experience they possibly can.

All girls who are members of Girl Guides Victoria and all girls who visit, try-out or come into contact with our programs are entitled to both feel safe and to be safe. Girl Guides Victoria adheres to the Victorian Child Safe Standards. You can read more about how we’ve adopted these Standards right across our organisation.

Specific policies and procedures which directly relate to the Youth Experience are listed below.


Youth Experience Policies

GO12 Healthy Choices Eating
GO13  Bullying Prevention
GO46 Part 1: Diversity and Inclusion Policy
GO46 Part 2: Diversity and Inclusion Guidance
GO50 Empowerment of Women At All Levels
GO59 Environment


For a full list of all Girl Guides Victoria policies, please got to All Policies.

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