Dragonfly Drone Guides

The Dragonfly Drone Guides are a Unit of adult Guide volunteers with interest or  experience in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). They run drone education programs for Girl Guides. A drone is a remotely piloted aerial vehicle that can be programmed to move in different ways. Read or download the Dragonfly Drone Guides Information Sheet!

Drone education programs available

Guides in the Sky

  • Description: Girls learn the skills of manual and programmed flight, and drone safety and social responsibility
  • Cost: $20/girl
  •  Number of girls per program depends on the size of the venue.
  • Venue requirements: This is an indoor activity. The ideal venue is a large hall, school multipurpose room or indoor gym  with ceiling height at least 3 metres. The girls work in flight patrols, each needs a “lane” 1.5 m wide x 5 m long. Maximum of 30 girls in a big space; smaller venues can fit fewer girls.
  • Time: 2.5 hours (not including set-up and removal)
  • Note: In some cases, for events with >40 participants, it may be possible to run the drone program in the morning and again in the afternoon
  • Program can also be run for Guiding adults.

Minidrones Level-Up

Guides who have participated in Guides in the Sky will have opportunities to develop their drone skills in new drone education programs.

The Dragonflies are building their program to include drone science and tech, flying sport, and performance art. Let them know what interests you! email the Dragonflies.

Where does the program run?

The Guides In The Sky program can be run as a half-day program on a weekend or holiday, or two half-programs during 2 unit meetings.

The Dragonfly Drone Guides are Melbourne-based volunteers with outside-Guiding jobs, study and families. Advance planning for dates is essential! So far most of their bookings have been in the Melbourne area, but they can travel to rural areas as time and opportunity allow.

How to book the program

To book the Dragonfly Drone Guides for your Unit meeting or event, email the Dragonflies.

Would you like to be a Dragonfly Drone Guide?

If you’re an Adult Member from anywhere in Victoria, you’re eligible to join the Dragonfly Drone Guides and help to deliver drone education programs to Guides.

You will receive training in how to use drones and deliver the programs. If you’re passionate about technology, STEM, or the digital age, email the Dragonfly Drone Guides!


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