Lynne Emblin reflects on her time as GGV State Commissioner

As elections for GGV’s new State Commissioner have recently opened, we caught up with departing Commissioner, Lynne Emblin OAM to chat about her time in the role. Lynne assumed the role in January 2014 after serving as Assistant State Commissioner for the previous two years. As Lynne Emblin’s term as State Commissioner comes to an end on 31st January 2020, Girl Guides Victoria is currently seeking nominations for her successor.


What aspects of the role have been most gratifying? What have you gained personally?

I have been working with State Team to visit as many areas of the State as possible, to be able to visit girls in their Units and get to know our Leaders and their needs. To me personally, this has been the most satisfying part of the role.

You live in rural Victoria – what made it worth it to travel long distances to be a part of GGV in this role?   

Distance is nothing when you live in the country so I have never thought about how far everything is – just that every trip is for a purpose and the reason for the invitation is important to them, so it’s important to me.

What are some notable challenges you faced in the role?   

There have certainly been some challenges but that is how we learn, and it’s what Guiding is all about – the challenges we set for ourselves and the challenges others present to us. 

What are you most proud of during your time with GGV as State Commissioner?

Being able to present girls with their Peak Achievement of the Queen’s Guide Award. The girls who earn this award are often girls who we have had as Guides from a very young age. They have had great admiration for those who have gone before them and have fulfilled a dream. Just quietly being able to be in the position of State Commissioner and be able to present our own girls with these awards is truly amazing.

Where do you envision GGV heading in the future?   

I would hope we can find more ways to deliver Guiding differently to attract different demographics and grow our membership so that many more girls get to experience our “girl only” space and be encouraged to be who they really are and the best they can be.

Why might you encourage others to apply? 

This is the most awesome job you could ever have in Guiding, a job I had never even dreamed I would do, or for that matter, a job I could ever do, but here I am. This is a very special role and not a role for a special person.

What is some advice you might have for the next State Commissioner?   

Always remember why we are here – in every meeting around every table on every visit in every discussion – we are here for the girls.


If you are interested in applying for the position of State Commissioner, please find the application form and all relevant documents pertaining to the State Commissioner of GGV here. Applications close COB 5th August, 2019.


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