Appointing a new State Commissioner and the Adult Experience Committee

By Helen Reid, GGV Executive Board Member.  

It has been an exciting past month as we are in the middle of selecting the next GGV State Commissioner. Applications closed early last month and since then the applicants have been interviewed by a subcommittee of the Executive and then invited to present their vision for GGV to the full Board. Executive have then chosen their preferred candidate. Then on Saturday 12th October at the State Council Meeting, the name and an introduction about the recommended candidate will by presented by Lynne Emblin. Those of the State Council present at this meeting will then vote to elect the new State Commissioner.

This State Council meeting will also vote on a number of changes to the Constitution, so it is important that as many members of GGV are present at this meeting as possible. Important stuff going on.

Continuing my journey through the Executive’s subcommittees, I attended my first Adults’ Experience Committee meeting last month. This subcommittee is tasked with making recommendations on the ways to enhance the adult experience and increase adult membership.

The Adult experience committee will be focusing on not only how best to acknowledge the work currently done by volunteers but also what messaging and how best to target new volunteers. Not an easy remit but so important. The committee would welcome any feedback or ideas that you have on how best to do any of these things. Email me on

Next time: more about the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee.

Don’t forget the all important State Council meeting on 12th October.

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