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Zoos Victoria needs our help!

Right now, Mountain Pygmy-possums are starting to wake up from their winter hibernation in the mountains. They’re hungry for Bogong Moths.

Sadly, Bogong Moth populations appear to have suffered a catastrophic decline in the past two years, which means there’s simply not enough food for these tiny possums to raise their babies.

Here’s where we can help by finding these moths and guiding them to the possums!

Moth Tracker, a citizen science platform, will be used by thousands of Australians to report Bogong Moth sightings. This data will record the annual moth migration so we know if enough moths will arrive for the possums.

Update from Zoos Victoria!

The 2019 Bogong Moth migration has (hopefully) just begun. Most of the Mountain Pygmy-possums are still hibernating under a blanket of this week’s snowfall. Fingers crossed that more moths arrive as the possums wake up!

Thank you so much for sharing Moth Tracker with your networks. People from around Australia are helping us track this year’s migration. We’ve received hundreds of moth sightings, including Bogong Moths in NSW, ACT and VIC.

Thousands of Bogong Moths swarming around the chairlift at Mt Hotham ski resort!

Thank you also for turning off unnecessary outside lights to ensure that the moths don’t get distracted on their flight.

Learn More about what you can do over at the Zoos Victoria website. Get your Unit involved to make a difference for our possums!

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