Quick Links – Edition #3

Quick Links

Quick Links is your one-stop shop for all the latest administrative updates that Leaders and Managers need to know. It will be sent out at the start of each term to Leaders and Managers.

Youth Members becoming Adult Members

When a Youth Member turns 18 and wishes to continue with Guiding, they must become Adult Members and complete the Steps to Volunteer.

An email is sent one month before their birthday to their listed email address. This email asks them to contact their Unit Leader to see what opportunities are available. After their 18th birthday, they receive an email asking them to complete the Steps to Volunteer and have 6 weeks to complete this process. 

Helpful Reports for Units, Districts and Regions

Sign in with your member number to see reports, including: 

  • Outstanding volunteer checks
  • Leaders with First Aid/CPR about to expire
  • Potential Volunteers
  • Years of Membership 
  • New Members

These reports can help you access information about the Youth and Adult Members in your Unit, District or Region. If you need assistance in understanding the reports please contact membership@guidesvic.org.au.

Working with Children Check if you Volunteer with Girls

A current Working with Children Check is compulsory for all adult members who do any volunteering which includes contact with youth members. This helps Girl Guides Victoria remain a Child Safe, Child Friendly organisation. 

To apply for your free Working with Children Check please go to www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au.

Please make sure you add Girl Guides Victoria as your organisation with the details below: 
Girl Guides Victoria 
Suite 812, 401 Docklands Drive 
Docklands VIC 3008 
03 8606 3500 

If your Working with Children Check has expired, you will not be able to have any contact with youth members until you have renewed your check. This is a legislative requirement.

Please note – there are different requirements for teachers registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Teacher Notification Form for Teachers who Volunteer with Guides

Teachers registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) who also volunteer with Guides must fill in a Teacher Notification Form. The form should take around five minutes to complete.  

This Teacher Notification Form is a new requirement of legislation which came into effect in September 2019. The aim is to help Girl Guides Victoria remain a Child Safe, Child Friendly Organisation by ensuring that if a teacher’s registration is cancelled, then Girl Guides Victoria will be informed.    

The Teacher Notification Form and FAQs are available here.      

The teacher will be asked to nominate some contact details of the organisation they are volunteering for.  

The contact details are:  
Organisation contact name: Lenore Cairney, Chief Operations Officer
Email: volunteer@guidesvic.org.au
Phone number: 03 8606 3500

GGV Online Registration System for Region Events 

Manage and run your next Region event online through the Girl Guides Victoria database for smooth and easy event planning and promotion.   

Benefits of registering your event online:  

  • Centralised platform for your event
  • Allows youth and adult members to register through the GGV database 
  • Draws information from members’ profiles
  • Ask additional questions such as health requirements and contact details 
  • Assistance with creating information booklets and flyers
  • Assistance promoting the event including sending targeted emails and sharing on social media on request
  • Among many more benefits!

Find all the information you need to get started and register your next event with GGV.

For any questions, email: support@guidesvic.org.au.  

New OUT.01 Timeline for Visiting Pools 

Please note that for Units doing an activity at a purpose built public pool, OUT.01 forms are due only two weeks in advance of the activity date, rather than four weeks in advance as previously required.

Additionally, a Certificate of Currency and Risk Assessment form are no longer required when swimming at a purpose built public pool.

For further details and instructions on how to complete an OUT.01 for a swimming activity, see page two of the FAQ

See our website to download and submit the form.

Trefoil 3 Camping 

Please see outlined below the process for a youth member undertaking their Trefoil 3 Camping Youth Assessment:

  • Youth members are to approach their Region Manager to be appointed an Outdoor Skills Assessor (OSA) 
  • Print the OUT.01 paper form, which you can download from the Camping and Adventure page on the GGV website
  • Email the completed form to the Camping and Adventure Officer at adventure@guidesvic.org.au
  • When submitting your form via email, please indicate the name of your OSA to the Camping and Adventure Officer

Please note that youth members are unable to access the online OUT.01 form, and therefore must use the paper version.

If you have any questions about completing your assessment, please contact the State Outdoor Manager at outdoors@guidesvic.org.au.

Top Tip for OUT.01 Forms  

Do you have youth members attending your camp or activity from another District or Region? Please note that both yours and theirDistrict/Region Managers will be notified and be able to access your application on the OUT.01 portal.

Read our OUT.01 Form FAQ

Show your appreciation for Leaders and Managers

We encourage all our Guides and Leaders to demonstrate their appreciation of each other. Our Leaders and Managers consistently do a fantastic job, and it is really encouraging when someone acknowledges their hard work.  

Showing your appreciation can be very straightforward – a kind word in person or by email can mean a lot to someone who has been working hard for our Guides.  

We also have a Certificate of Appreciation which is available from the Guides Shop. Everyone is welcome to purchase a Certificate of Appreciation and give it to someone who they feel is deserving.

New Telephone Number for GGA

The Girl Guides Australia National Office has a new phone number. They can now be reached at (02) 8328 0851. 

1300 Girl Guides remains and still directs to State Offices. 

The Girl Guides Victoria office phone number is remains (03) 8606 3500.

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