Kusafiri, Ghana: Kwantuni 2020

Kusafiri drum roll please…


Kusafiri is going to Ghana! ‘Kwantuni’ – meaning ‘traveller’ in Akan (spoken in Southern and Central Ghana) will be hosted in partnership with the Ghana Girl Guides Association at their training centre in Accra.

During this event you will experience rich Ghanaian Culture, interact with local Girl Guides and engage in life changing community action projects.

Please note that all the latest information will be posted on Kusafiri’s Facebook page. Last time there was a Kusafiri event, it booked out very quickly.

Applications are now open!

All applications and payment are online directly through WAGGGS.

Where: Kusafiri, Accra, Ghana
Who: Adult members 18+
Australian closing date: 15 March 2020

Once your application has been approved by WAGGGS, you will be sent another form which will need authorisation from the GGA International Manager. Please email your form to international@girlguides.org.au and cc in travel@girlguides.org.au. A deposit of approx. AUD$990 will need to be paid to WAGGGS at this time.

Once you have registered and been accepted by WAGGGS, please register on GirlGuide Traveller.

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