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Meet your Girls Rock 2020 presenters…

Youth Workshop: What’s In it for Me?

Needing to put a resume together or an application for a school leadership role? Come along and identify skills and experiences developed from within Guiding which are sought-after outside of Guiding, and learn how to sell Guiding to your friends, school, and other organisations.

Presenter: Holly Bracken 

Holly Bracken has been Guiding all of her life, starting as a Brownie Guide in Tasmania, and is now the incoming Governance Chair of Girl Guides Victoria. Holly has held a number of roles throughout her Guiding career including Unit Leader and Learning Partner, and represented Girl Guides Australia at the WAGGGS Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Nepal in 2016. Holly has a Bachelor of International Relations and is a qualified secondary school teacher, she is passionate about supporting young people to be active members of their communities and to influence positive change in the world.


Workshop: Refresh and Revitalise – Wellness Workshop

Emotionally resilient people have the in-built ability to bounce back from setbacks. Resilience is a skill that can be developed irrespective of differences in culture, society and family systems. There is no simple fix or one-size fits all method.  Participants will discover effective strategies and techniques to build their resilience through developing mental agility and learning how to manage unwanted thoughts and emotional reactions.  An opportunity to establish goals towards holistic well-being and resilience building habits.

Presenter: Belinda Sudano

Belinda Sudano (WunderTraining) is passionate about translating cutting-edge research into practical strategies to build resilience. She is a qualified psychologist with additional qualifications in positive psychology, and is experienced in working with teams, educators and students. She has been described as effervescent, open-hearted, generous and honest, and is a powerhouse of knowledge.

Workshop: Step In, Out and Up

Take a look at your current team to identify your needs and discover what opportunities are available. What other skills do you need to achieve more? What’s stopping others from stepping in, up, and/or out?

Presenter: Sara Sterling

Sara joined Volunteering Victoria in January 2018 with a focus on Professional Development services. She has ten years’ experience in Government and Not-For-Profit sectors. She has focused on volunteer management, program support, administration, and training and development. She has a Masters in Social Policy, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She is passionate about all things volunteering and has been a dedicated volunteer since the age of 16.

Workshop: What’s in it for Me?

How do we best retain and recognise volunteers? How do we identify future pathways and strengthen our skills, which are so valuable and sought-after outside of Guiding?

Presenter: Michèle Stokes

Michèle Stokes was elected to the Board of Girl Guides Victoria in May 2018 and in September 2019 was appointed as the Victorian director to the Girl Guides Australia Board. She is also part of the Adult Experience Committee for Girl Guides Victoria. Michèle has been involved in Guiding since her childhood in the UK where she was a youth member and later Unit Leader across Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, as well as District Commissioner, leading a Welsh group to an International camp in Canada. Michèle was also part of the Getting into Governance Program, mentoring young women through Girl Guides Australia.

Michèle’s professional career is in Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacture, predominantly in Business Development and she is currently transitioning into a Chief Operating Officer role in an Australian Biotech company. Michèle brings experience in growing businesses and is committed to supporting the growth of Girl Guiding in Australia.

Workshop:  “I’m now a member – but what next?”

I’m a Member, But What Next? Do you want to work with new volunteers? Come along to understand the processes behind adult qualifications, how to support and mentor new Leaders and Managers, and how to identify other learning and development opportunities for new volunteers who may not need a qualification.


Margaret Brooks

As GGV’s Learning and Development Manager, Margaret, has 45 years’ experience as a Youth Leader for girls aged 7-17 years. She has served as a District Manager and Region Manager among various other Region roles. As a primary school teacher and mentor, she has trained teachers in Literacy Education at school and network levels. Her passion is spreading a love of Guiding through communities by supporting girls and Leaders to become their best possible selves.

Claire Bickell

A Melbourne District Manager and a Trainer in the Learning and Development Team, Claire has also previously been a Unit Leader and Region Manager. In that time, Claire has worked with many new volunteers, Leaders and Managers. Claire is passionate about getting more volunteers involved in Guiding, helping to share the fun with more women, opening new Units and supporting girls to get the most out of Guiding.

Join Claire and Margaret to learn the latest on opportunities and processes for new volunteers in our organisation. Come away inspired on how we can all support one another in Guiding!

Workshop:  “How to make the most out of a PR stall”

This workshop is an opportunity to be creative with all of GGV’s PR materials. Design a stall, discuss the pros and cons of layout, and identify key messages for different situations and events.

Presenter: Mel Reoch 

Mel is the Community Development Officer at Girl Guides Victoria. Working with diverse communities, she is developing Guiding programs in a range of settings to reach new members, such as the ‘Guides in Schools’ and community programs. Mel regularly connects with different community groups to address how Guiding could contribute to the development, and benefit the women and girls from different communities.

Not all PR stalls “reach” all intended audiences, so Mel and her Community Development team, will workshop with you what PR resources are available in GGV and how to raise brand awareness and recruit girls and women from all backgrounds!

Workshop: Communicating with Parents 

Wanting to strengthen your communication with parents? Finding that Guide parents really don’t understand what Guiding offers? Bring in your term programs, newsletters, etc. and we’ll have a look at how we can improve our key messages.

Presenter: Elicia Napoli

Elicia is the Senior Consultant of our Adult Learning team and was previously the manager of the Children’s Program at Carlton North. Elicia has over 17 years’ experience in the sector and is
especially passionate about supporting families and educators, meeting regulations, and developing innovative, high-quality care and education programs for rearing children. A natural leader, Elicia is experienced at leading and enriching the role of educators, strengthening team performances, and achieving service goals.


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