Online Biscuit Fundraiser 2020

For 2020, our Girl Guide biscuit fundraiser will be available for online orders. This change to our usual way of fundraising will help keep our Guide members and the broader community safe from COVID-19, while still giving the community a way to support Girl Guides.

Biscuits available for public online orders from July 2020

Biscuits will be available for purchase from from July 2020. The public can order biscuits directly from the website. Girl Guides Australia (GGA) will place the orders with the manufacturer and will arrange delivery. Biscuit lovers will have the opportunity to either buy biscuits for themselves or order as a gift for a friend or family member. We suggest you keep your eyes on our website and Girl Guides Australia social media for updates.

Fundraising details

Profits from the sale of biscuits will be distributed to Districts or Units, so the biscuit sales can continue to act as a fundraiser for Districts and Units. More information about how funds will be distributed is coming soon.

Units and Districts which previously placed biscuit orders

Many Units and Districts previously placed biscuit orders with Girl Guides Victoria (GGV). We sincerely thank you for your support for the biscuit fundraiser. However, given the current requirements for social distancing, we understand that you cannot sell your biscuits in the usual manner. These orders have been cancelled, because the online biscuit sales have replaced direct sales.

Biscuits for sale by the display box

The biscuits will be supplied by Snowy Mountains Cookies. The range will remain as Triple Choc; ANZAC; and Gluten Free Lemon, Lime and Coconut and the retail price will be $2.50 per biscuit or $40.00 per display box of 16 biscuits. Biscuits can be purchased in either one, four, or eight display boxes; and the price includes delivery. For orders greater than this, delivery will be calculated based on the order.

What can we do?

The Online Biscuit Fundraiser changes the opportunity Girl Guides traditionally have to develop entrepreneurial skills via face-to-face selling in the community. Instead this year there will be a focus on these skills being developed through promoting the Girl Guide biscuits verbally, online, or through other innovative ways to friends and family.

  • Watch social media, Guiding News, and the Biscuit website for updates.
  • Encourage all in your Guiding community to support and buy lots of biscuits. And ask them to share with all their friends, neighbours, and work colleagues. There will be some marketing material available to download from to assist you in promoting the Online Biscuit Fundraiser.

Face-to-face selling

Should the COVID-19 restrictions be lifted, then there may be opportunity to move to face-to-face community selling at the appropriate time in the future.

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