COVID Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

In preparing the below Frequently Asked Questions, we have reviewed Victorian State Government guidelines and consulted with experts both internally and externally. The safety of our Youth and Adult Members and the wider community is at the forefront of all decisions.

We encourage all Girl Guide members to conduct their Girl Guide activities in the spirit of the Guide Promise and Law to serve our community and be respectful and considerate, while also being optimistic and courageous.

If your question isn’t answered here please email it to the Joyce Price Centre (JPC) team via tiffany.ho@guidesvic.org.au.

The below FAQs were published on 4 August 2020 and may be updated as circumstances continue to change.


Victoria Under New Restrictions

Includes all Regional and Metropolitan areas of Victoria 

Can my Unit return to normal indoor meetings?

No, all in-person activities are suspended across the State until the end of Term 3.

Can my Unit do outdoor activities such as bushwalking, canoeing, and camping?

No, all in-person activities are suspended across the State until the end of Term 3.


Questions about Girl Guides Online

Our Unit is unable to continue with Zoom meetings but I have Girl Guides who want to continue. What can they do?

Join the Guiding In Your Pocket Statewide Unit Meetings on Zoom. Email ggtv@guidesvic.org.au to be included.

What about Girl Guides who cannot get online?

Guides@Home paper-based resources are available for Girl Guides who cannot join online activities. To receive Guides@Home, or to organise for a Girl Guide in your Unit to receive Guides@Home, contact ggtv@guidesvic.org.au.

Are there different Guides@Home packs for different age groups?

No. Guides@Home contains the same activities as seen on GGTV. The instructions are more detailed so you can do the activity without watching the video.

My Girl Guides don’t want to be on Zoom anymore. Can they do Guides@Home?

Yes. Email the name of your Girl Guides that want to do Guides@Home to ggtv@guidesvic.org.au along with the names of the Leaders you want to receive a copy of the pack.

The Girl Guides in my Unit are tired of Zoom and finding it hard to come up with what they want to do. How can we keep going with Girl-Led under these circumstances?

While we pride ourselves on our girl-led philosophy and practices, now might be the time for a more structured and/or shorter program that is easier for leaders to deliver and might also be easier and more enjoyable for our girls to participate in. You could plan some favourite activities that your Girl Guides can jump into and lead on the night, like making up a dance to a campfire song. You could choose the topic but your Girl Guides then take the topic and lead the night. Take the best of both and make it work for where your Unit is right now!

For those Units that are working well please continue what you are doing for as long as it works. And for those who are finding this challenging and just plain hard, please feel that you can try new things if you need to. At this time, the most important thing is to enjoy Girl Guides even if that means it looks quite different than it used to.

My Unit has Girl Guides who are turning 18 this year. Do we have to ‘boot’ them out while we’re meeting on Zoom?

No. These Girl Guides should continue to be active participants until you can meet together in person and ‘boot’ them out in a great send off! You can start the Olave enrolment process while they are still participating in your Unit.

Is the paid Zoom subscription worth it or should we stick with the free version?

It depends on what your Unit needs. A paid subscription has additional functions and you get additional time. If you only need 40 mins then you might want to stick with the free version.

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