COVID-19 Safety Plan and Resources

Girl Guides - Girl Rock February 1, 2020: Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Australia. Credit: Ryan C / Event Photos Australia

The COVID-19 Safety Plan checklist is designed to help you prepare your Hall/venue, Leaders, Volunteers, Girl Guides, and parents for returning to in-person Girl Guide activities while we live with COVID-19 as part of our daily lives. This will mean increased hygiene and cleaning processes, and means helping Leaders, families, and Girl Guides practice physical distancing while participating in Girl Guide activities.

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Read the COVID Compliance FAQs

Returning to in-person Girl Guides Resources:

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Social/Physical distancing

All people attending Girl Guide activities, including children, are required to practice physical distancing (inside and outside) under current Government guidelines. This is different to children’s experience at school where physical distancing does not apply to children, so helping girls understand this requirement at Girl Guides may be challenging. It might be helpful to involve the Girl Guides in coming up with ways to play their favourite game or do their favourite activities in a way that includes keeping physical distance from each other.


As per Victorian Government guidelines, form-fitting face masks must be worn by all members aged 12 both indoors and outdoors. Members under the age of 12 are strongly recommended to wear a face mask.

Outdoor activities

The requirements for outdoor activities are the same as indoor activities. Physical distancing is required, surfaces should be cleaned/disinfected where possible, and hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities (soap, water, and disposable paper towels) must be available and used regularly.

When restrictions change

Please keep up to date with public announcements from the Victorian Government relating to COVID-19 restrictions and adapt your activities and preparations accordingly. The Girl Guides Victoria Joyce Price Centre (JPC) and State Leadership Teams will update Leaders and Volunteers when restrictions change, but we also ask for your support to adapt quickly as announcements are made.

For further information

Read the returning to in-person Girl Guides FAQs.

If you require assistance or further information, please contact the JPC team by emailing covidsafe@guidesvic.org.au.

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