New Opportunity Available!


New Opportunities for Jamboree 2023!

If you want to be involved in the planning for the next Australian Jamboree being held in Ballarat in January 2023, now is the time to put your hand up! The Jamboree 2023 Central Team is starting to put together a variety of teams to do the work behind the scenes for Jamboree leading up the main event.

If you are interested in being involved, have a look at the various areas that are needed and send an email to the Jamboree team, to let us know how you’d like to help. It would be great to include what skills and experience you bring with you that can assist us better.

Program: Penny Ferris is leading a team of volunteers that will offer an amazing program involving on and off site activities, evening events, out-of-left field opportunities and so much more. She will need help from people willing to take responsibility for different aspects of the program, as well as those with specialist skills to run parts of the program.

Camping: Kate Ferguson has taken on the task of coordinating all things camping. Getting equipment on and off site, sorting campsite groups, coordinating sites and services, ensuring environmental sustainability where possible. If you care about tents, toilets, rubbish, fixing things, and the like to make sure we can run a great program, this is the team for you.

Administration: We are still looking for someone who loves all things administrative to coordinate this essential part of camp. This team will coordinate applications through the database, payments and finance, catering, logistics and transport, radios and communication, security and risk, PR and social media etc. There will be a few teams working under this area. At the moment the plan is to centrally cater bringing in an expert team but we still need someone to coordinate that relationship.

Health and Well-beingJenni Clarke, the GGV Inclusion and Diversity Officer is looking after one particular aspect of this area, but we also require someone to coordinate the medical side of Health and Welfare, for example looking after the hospital and first aid components. We need a team to look after the onsite matters. Jenni is also interested in working with experienced workers in the Inclusion and Diversity space to be part of her team.

Group LeadersDepending on the number of girls, we will need a number of group leaders to coordinate the subcamps. The Group leaders and their helpers will supervise a group camp of around 250 girls and 30 adults in 5-6 subcamps, ensuring that girls and leaders have the best experience as part of the camp.

Subcamp Leaders and Staff: Camping with the girls, getting them up and off to activities and making ensure they are enjoying themselves.

Not Sure yet if you want to be involved? No worries, there will be plenty of time to get involved.

Stay tuned for more updated as more details become current.

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