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Girl Guides Victoria (GGV) is part of the worldwide Movement of more than 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts operating in over 150 countries, and through Girl Guides Australia (GGA) is a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).  

Girl Guides is a progressive, non-political volunteer led organisation that supports girls, young women and women to develop into and continue to be confident, self-respecting and responsible community members by providing values-based, flexible and dynamic, non-formal educational programs and opportunities. 

Girl Guides embraces girls and women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, socio-economic groups and geographical areas, and provides a supportive environment within which each individual can extend personal boundaries and be the best they can be. Organisational leadership at all levels is provided by talented, skilled and open-minded curious women. 


The Olave Manager is a key volunteer role and is supported by the Olave Committee/Team. She acts as the voice and advocate for the Olave Program, Olaves (which is for members of Girl Guides aged from 18 to 29 years), and other women aged between 18 to 29 years.

The key purpose of the Olave Manager role is to encourage Olaves and GGV members aged 18 to 29 years to challenge themselves with curiosity and adventure, engage with their local community, and continuously work on their self-development. 

The role of the Olave Manager primarily consists of: 

  • Olave Committee/Team Chair: Chair the Olave State Committee/Team whose primary function is to support the Olave Program across the state, and ensure sub-committees/working groups are put in place for events as required.
  • Develop Olave Volunteers: Develop the Olave leadership across the state to create an environment where Olaves and GGV members aged 18 to 29 are actively considered and participating in activities at a District, Region, State, National and/or International level.
  • Self-Development: Develop her own leadership approach, style and skills by participating in the State Team forum and other relevant Olave Leadership forums (e.g. with GGA). Regard the WAGGGS approach to leadership. Strive to be and do your best.

The Olave Manager will have a number of support structures in place including: 

  • Mentor: A mentor, appointed in consultation with the Olave Manager by the State Commissioner, to provide support throughout time in the role in agreed areas of skill development, and to act as a sounding board.
  • Olave Committee/Team: An Olave Committee/Team, which is not limited to women between the ages of 18 to 29, who can assist to champion the areas of focus for Olaves and to connect Olaves across all aspects of Guiding in GGV (including where possible across GGA).
  • State Team Members: All members of the State Team including other Volunteer Managers

(Across Program, Learning and Development, International, Outdoor, etc.); Regional Managers; Assistant State Commissioners; and other women who form part of the State Team from time to time. You are encouraged to communicate regularly and collaborate with all members of the State Team.


Working with a Committee

The Olave Manager will work with the Olave Committee/Team and shape and/or build the Committee/ Team through her term as required.

Olave Program Development

After reviewing the current scope of Olave activities and Peer Groups across GGV, the next step is to start identifying priorities for the next two to three years including a plan for Olave events and membership growth. The Olave Manager will also coordinate, support, and assess participation in the Olave Awards Structure. Some state-based travel may be required.

Collaboration with GGA

The Olave Manager will work with the appropriate individuals/committees/working groups to keep in touch with the latest updates from GGA. Meetings are arranged as required either in person, or voice and video conferences etc., noting that some interstate may be required.

State Team Cooperation

All roles that make up the State Team work collaboratively as one team with the Office Team to create a seamless experience for the Girl Guides, Olaves, Leaders, and Volunteers. The Olave Manager will champion curiosity, new ideas, and problem solving to establish Olave participation in the broader GGV community.

Innovation and Communication

Innovate and communicate with curiosity about what is possible to support and grow 18 to 29 year old women through Guiding in Victoria and Australia.

To communicate with the wider Guiding community about the Olave Program, the Olave Manager will work with the GGV Communications Officer and Events Coordinator to ensure all aspects of communications and events are managed in the most effective way possible.


Essential Skills 

  • Being yourself and bringing a real sense of curiosity, fun and adventure to every element of this senior leadership role within GGV.
  • The ability to advocate and influence the decisions made within GGV, in particular the State Team forum, that promote and benefit 18 to 29 year old women.
  • An aspiration to work across boundaries collaboratively with all who make up the Guiding community within GGV and across GGA.
  • An alignment to the Olave Program framework and a clear vision of why leading this would be aligned to your personal interests and development goals.
  • An ability to be self-motivated to lead and inspire a team where:
  • Individuals on the team work with autonomy; and,
  • Working group/sub-committees are developed to provide project based volunteering opportunities to deliver initiatives and achieve agreed outcomes.
  • An ability to be self-motivated to shape and evolve the various activities and plans which will assist with the operation of the Olave Program covering the following areas:
  • Team/Volunteer resources;
  • Olave Program delivery;
  • Financial arrangements; and,
  • Project plans (thinking beyond the initial two-year term into three-year plans).

Additional Information 

  • It would be ideal for the Olave Manager to commit to a two to three-year term (with an initial review at the end of the first six-months) on the basis that GGV is about to embark on a significant period of transformation and change. This is an exciting time to be part of GGV‚Äôs history.
  • Development of the Olave Committee/Team to ensure that individuals within the team roll over, and that new members are added in a systematic, continuous way rather than have the whole team roll over simultaneously.Please send all correspondence to Kathryn Galvin on kathryn.galvin@guidesvic.org.au with the subject title ‘Volunteer Position – Olave Manager’.


Please email all applicants of interest to Kathryn Galvin on kathryn.galvin@guidesvic.org.au with the subject title ‘Olave Manager Application – Your Name’¬† ¬†

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