Girl Guides Australia, State Liaison / Contingent Leader National Jamboree 2023

Girl Guides Australia National Jamboree 2023 

Position Title: Girl Guides Australia, State Liaison / Contingent Leader National Jamboree 2023 

Dates required for attendance: Travel to and from National Jamboree 2023 with State Contingent   (Guides and adults) – 15th – 21st January 2023 

Preparation required prior to jamboree: Yes  

Tasks required after jamboree: Yes 

Report to: National Jamboree 2023, Leader in Charge  

 State Commissioner of relevant State or nominated contact 

 State Personnel as appropriate  

 Chief Executive Officer of relevant State, or nominated contact 

Responsible to: State Commissioner of relevant State 

Selection Process: All State Girl Guide Organisations will appoint their own State Liaison and/or Contingent   Leader; based on previous Jamboree knowledge, capabilities and experience.  Once selected, the State Liaison/Contingent Leader will report to the LiC, National  

 Jamboree 2023 for all matters relating to the Jamboree and liaise with appropriate State  personnel and SGGO for all matters relating to State issues.


Prepare all participants (youth and adults) from your State attending the Jamboree; coordinate travel  arrangements for all members of your State Contingent; and travel to and from Jamboree with your State  Contingent. Arrange development of State Polo shirt and State event badge (if State has these). 

Liaise with LiC for information regarding the National Jamboree 2023. Information regarding the Jamboree  will be provided to both State Liaison/Contingent Leader and SGGO to ensure consistent up-to-date  information is available throughout the planning process. Information will be provided on Jamboree FAQ  which will be the primary source of information from LiC to State Liaisons/Contingent Leaders. 

Provide information to all participants from your State regarding transport arrangements. Manage Contingent page of Jamboree database.
Manage all State Contingent related expenses within the state. 

Qualifications and Experience required:

Hold a current ALQP qualification with excellent leadership, communication and organisational skills ● Have experience working with 10–17-year-old Girl Guides, and be a current Leader or Manager ● Be familiar with the use of databases with regards to your State.

Excellent communication skills and ability to use phone, internet and other means of communication as  required.

Position Description: GGA State Liaison/Contingent Leader Author: Event Convenor revised Feb 2021 

Tasks: (include but are not limited to the following)

Prior to Jamboree 

  • Appoint a Deputy State Liaison/Contingent Leader (if required) and keep her well informed of all  information pertaining to the Jamboree from both Jamboree and State perspectives. 
  • Promote the Jamboree and distribute all information (relating to the Jamboree and Contingent   arrangements) within your State.  
  • Refer to National Jamboree 2023 FAQ when answering questions relating to the actual Jamboree. Refer to the National Jamboree 2023 website (when available) for general information. Distribute and collate paperwork and forms which may be electronic, relating to your State Contingent. 
  • Manage State Contingent page on database. Ensure State approval is provided to participants in a  timely manner. 
  • Ensure csv. file is uploaded from the State membership database to Jamboree as required. 
  • Ensure all State participants (youth and adult) are financial at the time of Jamboree and follow up if   necessary. 
  • Liaise with SGGO to make all transport arrangements to and from the Jamboree for your Contingent   and equipment, (if needed), and provide detailed information to the LiC. (It is recommended that the   Contingent travel and arrive at camp together. Adult to youth ratios need to be adhered to during   travel.) 
  • Distribute duffle bags to all participants to allow gear to be packed in this bag. 
  • Liaise with members who are not travelling with the contingent to ensure location to meet contingent,   prior to arriving at the Jamboree, is arranged. 
  • Ensure correct travelling ratios are maintained. 
  • Ensure prompt replies to the LiC in relation to any Jamboree correspondence. 
  • Coordinate any specific equipment from your State to be taken to the Jamboree, including your State   flag.  
  • Organise and distribute any mementos, such as badges, shirts or other items, required by your State   Contingent. 
  • Organise a pre-event meeting/activity/camp for participants if appropriate. 
  • Resolve any problems within your Contingent, relating to travel or State arrangements, prior to   attending Jamboree, and during travel to Jamboree. 
  • Other tasks as identified by your State and/or Event Convenor.

Position Description: GGA State Liaison/Contingent Leader Author: Event Convenor revised: Feb 2021 

During Jamboree 

  • Familiarise yourself with the campsite, in particular the Office, Communication Centre, Emergency   Assembly Point, First Aid Centre and the process for communications during the camp. 
  • Convey State messages when appropriate. 
  • Liaise with LiC regarding any problems which may arise with contingent members during the event-  if you are advised by Group or Sub-camp staff.  
  • Call a Contingent meeting if required. 
  • Organise Contingent for Contingent photo  
  • Attend any meetings or hospitality events as asked 

After Jamboree 

  • Resolve any problems within your Contingent during travel from Jamboree to home. Complete any evaluations and reports as required. 
  • Any other tasks as directed by the LiC and/or your State.

Position Description: GGA State Liaison/Contingent Leader Author: Event Convenor revised: Feb 2021 

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