Sunship Earth 2022

We are all travelling at an incredible speed around the sun on a ship we call Earth. Our mission is to understand and appreciate our planet so as to become engaged and confident crew members. Welcome aboard!

Sunship Earth is a world-class program which Girl Guides Victoria runs under copyright from The Institute for Earth Education.

Whilst at camp, Girl Guides become ‘Sunship Passengers’ as they journey into the natural world to learn how they are a part of the Earth’s systems. Guides will work in small groups called ‘crews’ (like Patrols).

The Sunship Earth program evolves over five days, full of surprises at every turn. The Guide that parents/guardians pick up at the end of camp will be different to the one they dropped off. Guides will develop a new vocabulary and daily habits that will surprise those who know them.

Download Sunship Earth 2022 Event Information Booklet

When: 4.00 pm Sunday 18th September to 3.00 pm Friday 23rd September 2022

Where: Britannia Park, 210 Britannia Creek Road, Wesburn

Who: Girl Guides in Grades 5 and 6

Cost: $420 (covers all accommodation, food, camp activities)

Registrations for Sunship Earth 2022 have now closed.

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