2023 Farrow Cup

Experience an Adult members camp to demonstrate your camping skills!
Patrols will work together to complete camp challenges to allow you to share knowledge and have fun!

Similar to the Lady Stradbroke Cup for youth members, the Farrow Cup is Girl Guides Victoria’s competition camp for adult members! It is an opportunity for Leaders to go Patrol camping and work as a team to develop or improve upon these skills in a safe and supportive environment.

In 2023, the theme is ‘Childhood Classics’.

The Farrow Cup is designed for any adult member of Girl Guides Victoria, competing in Patrols of between 4 and 6 adults. No prior experience is necessary. Our assessors will be experienced members of the Victorian Trefoil Guild, who are excited to pass on their camping knowledge!

Please read the following documentation before registering.

Event Information Booklet Camping Tips Assessment Booklet

Friday 17 March 6:30pm – Sunday 19 March 2:00pm

Britannia Park,
Guidehouse Road, Wesburn

Adult members + Trefoil Guild Assessors


$50 for participants (adult members aged 18+)
$45 for Trefoil Guild Assessors
(Please note, this does not include your food, which you will organise with your Patrol).

How to Register: 

Have a Patrol??
If you already have a Patrol ready to go, you can tell us your Patrol name and members when you register yourself online. You will be asked if your Patrol is happy to be joined by extra
members who haven’t been able to organise a Patrol.
Please discuss this with your Patrol prior to registering.

Don’t yet have a Patrol?
No problems! Register online and we will help you find a Patrol to camp with. Make sure you tell us that you’re registering without a Patrol in the registration question section. 

ALL participants must register themselves individually online by 11.59 pm on Monday 27 February.

Your Patrol will then have just over a week to submit a Patrol Registration and equipment request form by Friday 3rd March.

Are you a Trefoil Guild Member?
We are in need of some Trefoil Guild members who would like to be assessors on the weekend.
Assessors will use the Thank You Chalet as their base, and can sleep there on Friday and Saturday nights.

For more information registration requirements, please download and view all 3 booklets above.



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