August Action 2023

Making choices for a better world, respecting others and being considerate are at the heart of Guiding.

August Action is an opportunity to:

  • Support a cause important to all Guides
  • Have a voice on important issues
  • Make choices to create a better world

This year, August Action is all about taking action for animals. We share our world with animals of all shapes and sizes, and this month is about caring for and supporting animals in our communities.

Take action for animals this August and make a real difference.

Supporting animal organisations

Girl Guides Victoria has chosen RSPCA Victoria as our primary state-wide charity for August Action 2023. We recognise there are many animal welfare charities and organisations around Victoria. Guides may choose to support RSPCA Victoria, or a local charity or organisation making a difference in their community.

August Action Activity Pack

Open the August Action 2023 Activity Pack

The August Action Activity Pack has been designed to be used as a digital resource. Please consider the environment before printing.

A reminder when designing August Action activities, safety is paramount. If you are considering making toys for animals, we recommend you check with the shelter or clinic before you start to make sure the toy/s you are planning are safe and appropriate and well constructed, and made of safe and suitable materials.

It’s also important to remember that different animal shelters require different items at different times, so it is always best to check before starting a project or collection to support your local shelter. 

Additional activities and opportunities

August Action blog

We encourage Leaders and Guides to share how their Unit is taking action for animals this August, by contributing to our August Action blog:

August Action Badge

Guides can earn the August Action Badge by completing an activity from the Activity Pack.

Guides can purchase an August Action badge for their involvement which they can wear on top of the back of their sash for 12 months.

August Action 2023 badges are now available through the GGV Shop, online (be sure to select ‘2023’ in the drop down box) and in store.


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