Guides Connect with CWA

Guides from Reservoir and Thornbury leapt at the opportunity to connect with a fellow community organisation recently, when they caught up with the Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWA) Alphington branch.

The topic of conversation for the night? SCONES! Our Guides mixed away, while the CWA shared tips on making the perfect fluffy scone, before judging the final results.

Connecting with, and being mentored by, older generations is baked into the fabric of the Guiding experience.

The knowledge, skills and life lessons that older generations pass down to younger members of the Guiding community are invaluable, and this certainly shone through when our Guides connected with CWA Alphington.

The CWA told us that they had a “very hard time picking a winner, as all of the scones were excellent!”, and that they had a wonderful time “with this smart, inquisitive and high energy group of girls”. Wise words, which reflect the fact that when younger and older generations connect, magic can happen!

A big thank you to CWA Alphington for taking the time to meet with our Guides.

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