Guiding and the Container Deposit Scheme

Girl Guides Victoria is excited to have been accepted as a Community Donation Partner in the Victorian Government Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). The program started on November 1.

You can collect eligible drink containers and return them for a 10c refund. You can choose to keep the funds or donate them to a participating charity, like Girl Guides Victoria! And you can make your donation at refund points across the state.

There are three different collection zones across Victoria. The zones are CDS East, CDS West and CDS North . Girl Guides Victoria is registered in all three zones, which means you donate to Guides at return points all across Victoria. Returns donated through this central partner registration will support Guiding state-wide.

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Collect eligible containers
  2. Go to a drop off point
  3. Choose to donate

Support Girl Guides Victoria with your returns by searching for Girl Guides Victoria in any of the zone operator apps, using the search function on the CDS website, or searching for us directly by using our scheme ID: C2000008464.

Help keep our beautiful state cleaner than ever and support Girl Guiding in the process!

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