Girl Guides Explore, Create, Connect at Mount Korong

Girl Guides Victoria recently hosted our Connect With Nature event at Mount Korong, bringing together Guides, their families, and Leaders from across Victoria for a day of exploration, creativity, and community. The event, supported by local Traditional Owners and volunteers from the Wedderburn Conservation Management Network, was a resounding, relaxing, and fun success!

Participants explored Mount Korong and engaged in a variety of practical and creative activities, including basket weaving and crafting fabulous hat feathers using items collected from natural environments.

The stunning landscape of Mount Korong provided the perfect backdrop for discovering hidden gems and appreciating the natural beauty of the area.

This event not only fostered a deeper connection with nature but also strengthened bonds within the broader Girl Guides community. We love a day filled with learning, creativity, and making lasting memories in the beautiful outdoors!


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