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JOTA/JOTI will be from 18-20 October 2019. Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) is an annual event that occurs on the 3rd weekend in October […]

Sangam, India: Celebrating World Thinking Day 2020

Come to Sangam to celebrate World Thinking Day! Experience international friendship with Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. Share activities with Guide and Scout Units of Pune as you celebrate our […]

Girl Guides Victoria Executive Sub-committees

Looking for another way to support our Guides to reach their potential? Interested in governance and policy? The Executive Committee is the governing body of Girl Guides Victoria and its […]

Centralised Fees Teleconference

Do you have questions about how Centralised Fees work? For example, have you wondered how you will charge different fees to different Guides in your Unit (for example, for the […]

Rogaining & Geocaching – Wangaratta

Learn how to read a compass, understand symbols and gradients on a map, use a handheld GPS, and have heaps of fun in a non-competitive environment. Rogaining is planning a […]

Alternative Methods of Cookery – Wangaratta

Are you looking for some creative meals for your camps? Do you have a passion for cooking? Interested in completing some clauses for badge work? Why not join Girl Guides […]

National Report September 2019

Unite, Thrive and Grow is definitely what members of the Girl Guides Australia delegation did at the Asia Pacific Regional Conference. There were 22 member countries present in Taiwan sharing, […]

Leaders can Canoe!

Come and see how much fun canoeing can be. Your qualified instructors will show you how to have fun on the water while being safe too. You might even walk […]

Assistant Chief Commissioner – National Positions Available

Girl Guides Australia (GGA) is pleased that following a period of transition and transformation, the Governance Framework of GGA has been updated to improve the effectiveness of the delivery of […]

Olave Linking Campfire 2019

Olave Campfire is back for another year! Join us for a linking activity with Olaves and Guides aged 14+ from across Victoria for campfire singing and delicious desserts. This event […]