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How do girls become Girl Guides?


If you are interested in being a Girl Guide head to the Find Us page and use ourĀ search tool to find out if there’s a Unit that meets near you. (A Unit is what we call our groups of girls that meet on a regular basis.) You can do this by choosing your local Council, Shire or City from the drop down list and then clicking ‘Find’.

A list of groups meeting in your local area will be displayed. You will be shown the age group for each Unit and when they meet so you can select the group that bests suits you. If you would like to enquire about joining a Unit or obtain further information, you can contact us by clicking ‘Enquire Now’.

We look forward to welcoming you your girl/s to Guides very soon!

Find your local Guide group

Ready to enrol your potential Girl Guide?

Once you have submitted an online enquiry, spoken with Guides Office and your potential Unit Leader, click the button below to join as a Girl Guide!


Download a paper application form


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