What do Girl Guides do?

When girls join a Guide Unit (we call a group that meets weekly a “Unit”) in their area, they become part of a friendly group of girls. With help from their Unit Leader, Girl Guides are given the space to try everything from community service, to crafts and cooking, to camping and canoeing. You can read more or contact us to discuss this further.

What’s the age range?

All girls between the ages of 5 and 17 are eligible to become Youth Members of Girl Guides Victoria. Units can be for particular age groups (say 5 to 7 year olds) or of mixed ages with girls of any age between 5 and 17.

You can get an idea of what Units and age ranges are in your area by using our finder and submitting an enquiry.

Can we try it out?

All girls are welcome to come along and see if Girl Guides is really for them. Once you’ve submitted an enquiry, we’ll put you in touch with the Leader of the Unit you’re interested in joining and your child is welcome to try 3 consecutive meetings before signing up as a member. If she decides she wants to continue, she will need be signed up as a youth member. Signing up is retrospective – this means once she’s signed up, she’ll be a member from the time she started her trial period.


Girl Guides is a non-profit organisation, however there are basic costs involved.

  •  2018 Annual fee – $50.00 per term or $180.00 for four terms when paid in advance.
  • Unit/District Fees which cover the cost of activities and venue costs are around $5.00 per week but can vary from district to district so please discuss with your volunteer leader.
  • Uniform – starting at $29.00
  • Extra-curricular activities can include excursion, overnight stays, camps etc. These activities are all optional.

All costs will be discussed with you up front – if in doubt, then discuss with your volunteer leader.

 What happens when a Girl Guide turns 18?

Girls don’t stop being Guides when they turn 18. There a lots of ways that Guides can continue to be part of the Guiding movement.

OK – ready to become a Girl Guide?

If you have all the information you need, then just click this button to fill out an application form:



Download a paper application form

… still have some questions? Then please contact us.