Join GO Girls – Guides Online

The Guides Online Unit, affectionately coined GO GIRLS, offers Girl Guide members an exciting opportunity to participate in Guiding from wherever you reside.

GO GIRLS gives members the opportunity to be actively involved in Guiding from the comfort of your own home, bed, or loungeroom.

GO GIRLS is designed for members who are unable to access a face-to-face Unit. Whether you are on a waitlist, live in a rural town, or perhaps feel more comfortable in the online space GO GIRLS is for you!

GO GIRLS, previously known as Lones Guiding, was originally developed in response to isolated participants and delivered as a written engagement through the postal service. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and after a period of inactivity, the Lones Program came into its own. During this time, Girl Guides Victoria delivered a weekly program called Friday Night Guides and subsequently into Guides Online.

GO GIRLS offers Girl Guides an opportunity to enjoy fun and challenging activities throughout the term, as well as work towards earning badges.

If you are unable to attend a regular in-person guide meeting why not consider GO GIRLS who meet weekly on Wednesday, using Microsoft Teams platform. You do not require a Microsoft account to access the Unit meetings.

Wednesday evenings

 7-8pm (Victorian time)


Make sure to select *Online from the registration drop down menu and then select GO GIRLS


When you register to attend GO Girls and you’ve paid the Girl Guides Victoria membership fee, you will be contacted by the GO Girls Leader with further instructions regarding attending your first online Unit meeting.

Term 2 Program

Meeting 1: Wednesday 1 May: Outdoors (1000 hours challenge)
Do you spend a lot of time indoors? Would you like to learn how you can spend more time outdoors? We’ll discuss the challenge to spend 1000 hours outside in a year. We’ll share with other Girl Guides the many benefits to being outdoors and what activities you enjoy outside.
Meeting 2: Wednesday 8 May: Mother's Day & Inspiring Women
Bring along craft supplies to make a card or a drawing for a special woman in your life. While we create, we’ll share stories about an inspiring woman in each of our lives. Tell other Girl Guides what you think makes a good role model. We’ll present some famous women who’ve achieved great things.
Meeting 3: Wednesday 15 May: World Bee Day
World Bee Day is on 20th May to raise awareness of a hard-working little pollinator. We’ll learn about why bees are important. They make a big difference to food security, biodiversity and ecosystem health. We’ll present how you can help them in your backyard and community. What flowers do bees like? How do bees prefer to safely drink water? Find out that and more.
Meeting 4: Sunday 19 May: Weather
This is a quarterly meeting run with Girl Guides from around Australia called CLAN. “Conecting Lones Australia Network” is a fun meeting where we can share and learn about each other. This meeting will be about your local weather, what’s usual for your hometown, and how it compares with other places in Australia. Bring along any questions you have about weather, seasons and climate.
Meeting 5: Wednesday 22 May: Earth Hour
As requested by the Girl Guides in Term 1, we will explore Earth Hour. What items uses electricity at your home and in your community? Should we use electricity differently? We’ll discuss renewable ways of making electricity like solar farms, wind turbines, and hydro power. Earth Hour involves how we can reduce our energy and carbon footprints to help the planet.
Meeting 6: Wednesday 29 May: Girl-led
Girl Guides are welcome to work on badges in their own time, including from the Look Wide badge book or the Gemstone badges. There are also the major recognition awards such as Junior Baden Powell and Baden Powell awards in the Look Wider Still award book. These involve presenting and sharing to peers. Tonight, Girl Guides are welcome to show what they’ve been working on and describe their efforts towards a badge or award.
Meeting 7: Wednesday 5 June: World Environment Day
World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging awareness and action to protect our environment. What are some of the many ways that Girl Guides can protect the environment? What can you do at home and in the community to improve the issues faced by your local environment? We’ll discuss answers to these and common concerns, such as litter, microplastics, air pollution and climate health.
Meeting 8: Wednesday 12 June: Animals & Pets
Do you like animals? Do you own a pet? Tonight we’re discussing animal types: bird, reptile, fish, insect, mammal and amphibian. You’ll learn fun facts about different species and in the animal kingdom. Pets are important, much-loved members of our families. If you’ve a pet, they’re invited for you to introduce and show to each other. We’ll discuss how to be a responsible pet owner.
Meeting 9: Wednesday 19 June: International Day of Yoga
Have you tried Yoga? Do you know of the benefits of Yoga? The United Nations celebrates this day of recognition for this physical activity that also includes mindfulness. Come along in comfortable clothes and be prepared to try out some Yoga moves.
Meeting 10: Wednesday 26 June: Guide-led
A second meeting for this term for Girl Guides to show each other any of their work done outside of meetings towards a badge or award (Baden Powell award and others). Guides are welcome to present what they’ve done from the Look Wide badge book, the Look Wider Still award book, or the Gemstone badges.
Meeting 11: Wednesday 3 July: Book Club (52 Books Challenge)
As requested by the Girl Guides, we are hosting a book club. Do you like reading picture books, novels, graphic novels, non-fiction or biographies? Bring along a book you’re reading, a book you’ve read, and hear from others about what type of books they enjoy. Hear about a challenge called “52 books” which encourages you to read a book per week. Would you meet that challenge?

Themes may change, based on Girl Guides’ preferences.